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Woman Donates Her Kidney To The Same Man Who Received Her Late Husband’s Organ In 2004



  • Terri Herrington’s late husband, Bryan, was listed as an organ donor.
  • So when he died in 2004, his organs went to save four people including Jeff Granger.
  • But when Bryan’s kidney, inside Jeff’s body, started failing last year, Terri did not hesitate to replace it with hers. 

Donating a kidney is a process Terri Herrington is already very familiar because her late husband donated his kidney 16 years ago — and now she is donating her own to exactly the same man from Florida.

Terri and Jeff Granger first met when her husband, Bryan, passed away in 2004, from a tragic accident and Jeff was the recipient of Bryan’s pancreas and kidney, according to the University of Florida Health.

Photo Credit: Louis Brems

However, last year, Jeff broke to Terri the sad news that her late husband’s kidneys were already failing. Without hesitation, Terri volunteered to replace it with hers. 

“Jeff will still have Bryan’s pancreas,” she said in a statement. “In a way, we’d be back together again.”

Bryan Herrington was only 35 when he passed away  from head trauma after falling from a roof. Since he enlisted himself as an organ donor prior, his organs were then donated to four different people and Jeff was one of them. 

After the successful transplant, Jeff’s family and Terri’s have stayed in contact. the thank-you-letters and the holiday cards the Grangers sent the Herringtons consoled Terri’s grief and helped her heal. 

Photo Credit: Terri Herrington

“Just hearing from them, and how much their life had changed, was a healing process for me and my boys in and of itself,” she said.

After a year, Terri talked with Jeff over the phone and they have since developed quite a special friendship. In the next 15 years, their families have been close. 

Photo Credit: Terri Herrington

So when Terri  heard that Bryan’s kidney started failing in 2019, she was swift to reply, “Well, I’ve got one.”

Jeff thought it was a joke only but Terri was serious and so the arrangements were done. 

Photo Credit: Jeff Granger

“This girl was an angel. She’s a single parent, and God’s gift of a parent, too,” Jeff said. “I don’t know how I could than her, or repay her for such a wonderful, life-giving gift. It’s kind of a miracle, you know?”

The transplant was first scheduled in November but Jeff contracted pneumonia. It was moved and was successfully done in March.


Source: PEOPLE