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10-Year-Old Paints for Cancer Charities



  • Cheering her grandparents with a forget-me-not painting started Daisy Watt’s charitable contributions to cancer causes
  • Daisy made a miniature daisies painting as a tribute to frontline workers
  • She already has contributed £50,000 to charity

Claude Monet is a French impressionist painter who’s works are coveted around the world. In a 2019 Sotheby’s auction, one work went for $110 million. Wow! Don’t worry, if you cannot afford a Monet, you can save up around £10,000 for a ‘mini Monet’ landscape painting and help cancer charities too.

The mini-Monet is 10-year old Daisy Watt.

Photo Credit: SWNS

Her painting of forget-me-nots that represented her grandparents’ and others’ battle with cancer, fetched £9,500 at a cancer auction. It did not stop there as 100 special edition prints of the flowers were commissioned by buyers from as far as HongKong and Canada.

Although Daisy is relatively new to painting, sales from her works amounting to £50,000 have already been donated to charity.

Photo Credit: SWNS

Flowers are her favorite subjects and are present in her paintings. Recently, she made a tribute for frontline workers with her painting of miniature daisies in magnets and cards which raised £1,700 for the NSH.

Daisy has already won the Yorkshire Young Achiever for Arts award and for the past 4 years, the Don Valley Festival.

Photo Credit: SWNS

Daisy’s mom, Karen, is an art teacher and she said, “I’m just so proud of her. Although she’s always been really creative, ever since she could hold a paintbrush, it wasn’t until she created that painting for her grandparents that we realized she had something special.”

“The thing is she is really shy and humble about her work. She cringes at the attention and doesn’t see what all the fuss is about.”

Photo Credit: SWNS

“I hope when she’s older she realizes just what a special thing she has been doing.  

 What started out as Daisy’s way to cheer her grandparents now cheers up cancer fighters and survivors in the world.

Photo Credit: SWNS

Source: Good News Network