10-year-old Saves Mom Who Was Having Seizures In The Pool [Video]

  • Lori Keeney has almost daily seizures and her son Gavin has been there to help her through the attacks.
  • Last year, the 10-year-old Gavin saved her from choking. This time, he rescues her from drowning after she had a seizure.
  • The proud and thankful mom considers her son a hero for saving her life twice already.

We often look at our parents as our heroes.  But this time, it is the son who is a hero to his mother, twice over.

Gavin Keeney’s mom, Lori, suffers from seizures almost daily. Gavin is often there by her side to assist her whenever she has these seizures. Last year, Gavin was able to save his mom from choking. This time, he saved his mom from drowning in their backyard pool.

Because of her condition, Lori never swims alone.  That is why Gavin was there with her.  But as Gavin was getting out of the pool, Lori has a seizure and everything was captured on security cameras.

Gavin said, “I heard what was a lot of splashing and moving around. I heard kind of yelling, but also drowning. So, then I looked and saw her seizing. And so I went and jumped in and got her back to the ladder.”

Photo Credit: Lori Keeney (Facebook)

In the video, Gavin was cradling Lori’s head to keep it above water.  After hearing the dogs barking, Lori’s dad who lives next door, ran and jumped in to help both his grandson and daughter.

Lori said, “Gavin stepped back and you can see the moment he got to be a little boy again. My Dad then pulls us into a group hug. It was one of the scariest moments of my life.”

For his courageous act, the Enos/Cardinal Cove Volunteer Fire Department has made Gavin its honorary member.  He also received his second plaque for his quick thinking and action.

Photo Credit: Kingston Police Department

The grateful mother can only say, “He’s been through so much with me and my health and he handles it with such grace and maturity. Proud isn’t even enough of a word.”

This marked the second time Gavin received the award, as he previously helped prevent his mom from choking last year.

Source: Global News

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