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15 Dogs who can make you realize mullets are cool



  • Mullet, born in the 1980’s, is a haircut showing short hair on top and long in the back.
  • You may think that the mullets have been forgotten over time, but you’re wrong!
  • Here are 15 incredible dogs sporting the 80’s hairdo, who might make you think that mullets should be a forever trend!

The mullet haircut, short on top and long in the back, has been the thing in the 80’s, giving some pop culture vibe. This style even has its own slogan: “Business in the front, party in the back!,” which seems to pretty catch the coiffure.

Time has put mullets into a slumber, but not for dogs! Here are 15 lovely dogs sporting a mullet haircut. Some might take you to a trip down memory lane, while some might make you realize that mullets should remain a thing up to today.

1. This pup reminds me of Billy Ray Cyrus in “Achy Breaky Heart.”

Photo Credit: thenordicequinox/Instagram

2. He seems pretty satisfied with his hairdo. Glorious!

Photo Credit: virginiavalarie/Instagram

3. …While this dog looks like he doesn’t know what or how to react with his new hairstyle.

Photo Credit: laurenmahon2/Instagram

4. This dog doesn’t seem to mind. He looks dashing, anyway.

Photo Credit: flambrosia_salad/Instagram

5. A typical mullet cut isn’t enough for this doggo. It has to be blow-dried to give that flyaway peg.

Photo Credit: theo_saurus_rex_pup/Instagram

6. Is he mad?

Photo Credit: Unknown/Instagram

7. He is definitely mad!

Photo Credit: zeusandember/Instagram

8. This tiny pooch looks all cool with it, all ready to show off his new look.

Photo Credit: aboutbuzz/Instagram

9. 40% mullet, 30% dog, 30% horse.

Photo Credit: ebsie_fam/Instagram

10. Swear, that gaze is like telling he’s fine. He’s not about to cry, is he?

Photo Credit: squeakyypepe/Instagram

11. Pup looking like a real rocker!

Photo Credit: ellamaemiller/Instagram

12. How Simba will look if he were a pet instead of the king of the jungle…

Photo Credit: Trippy Hippy Committee THC/Facebook

13. He’s wondering if he’s a dog or a donkey. What’s your vote?

Photo Credit: Reddit

14. Who is that man in the mirror? He had never been so confused all his life until this happened.

Photo Credit: lukejohnson14/Instagram

15. He’s plotting out his revenge to whoever shaves off his hair.

Photo Credit: Reddit

Will these adorable pooches convince trendsetters to bring back this 80’s vibe? Let’s wait and see.

Source: Inspire More