15 Funny Photos of Dogs Who Think They Are Cats

People are sharing hilarious and adorable photos of their dogs who think they are cats. Some of these dogs live with cats thus picking up their behavior. We compiled some of the funniest pictures of pet dogs behaving like cats.

1. Who says a cat tree is exclusively for felines?

Photo Credit: u/mangophilia (Reddit)

2. Most dogs enjoy walking or running. This dog likes climbing trees like a cat.

Photo Credit: u/bnworkman (Reddit)

3. Don’t judge me, my nails need sharpening, too!

Photo Credit: @mewtonwoofs (Instagram)

4. This dog wanted to follow the cats downstairs to see what they’re up to.

Photo Credit: u/xXMaGGoXx (Reddit)

5. “Bingbong prefers cat bed to full-size dog bed.”

Photo Credit: u/mewtent (Reddit)

6. This position is really comfy. I’ve seen my cat sibling sleeping here everytime.

Photo Credit: u/Scubachic0121 (Reddit)

7. Get down here. You don’t have nine lives

Photo Credit: u/PepperSprayP (Reddit)

8. Yeah, he saw my cat doing this. He thought he’s as light as the cat.

Photo Credit: u/SQURILEYSTUBBS (Reddit)

9. Nothing to see here. Just playing with my feline friends.

Photo Credit: @mako_thecatdog (Instagram)

10. “Marty was raised by cats. Can you tell?” If I fit, I’m a cat!

Photo Credit: u/MySoleM8isACat (Reddit)

11. “Got a live feed camera so I could see what my dogs are up to while I’m at work.”

Photo Credit: u/kevinaud (Reddit)

12. Hanging out with my best pal on the cat tree.

Photo Credit: u/slavensc (Reddit)

13. “This is where my mom’s dog likes to sit when she’s in the yard gardening.”

Photo Credit: u/mctaylo89 (Reddit)

14. “I bought a kennel for my dog and put the cat’s bed on top. Gracie wants to be with her kitty at all times.”

Photo Credit: u/Kitty102293 (Reddit)

15. “I think my pit hangs out with the cat too much.”

Photo Credit: Reddit

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