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18-Year-Old With Down Syndrome Models For Gucci Campaign Featured In Italian Vogue For The First Time!



  • Ellie Goldstein is an 18-year-old with Down syndrome from Essex, England.
  • Her passion lies in performing on the stage and modelling so she joined an agency that promotes models with disabilities like her.
  • Recently, she did an ad campaign with Gucci which was featured in Italian Vogue.

In today’s fashion world, many designers, brands, and companies have already made huge steps to widen their reach and inclusivity. 

Ellie Goldstein for one, from Essex, England, becomes the first teenager with Down syndrome to model for big names!

The 18-year-old  has always loved theater and stage performance in general. She’s currently attending a performing arts course at college and her greatest passion is modelling—and her success in this industry is a great milestone for special people like her.

In 2017, following a friend’s suggestion, Ellie signed a contract with a talent agency named Zebedee Management, that advocates and promotes models with special needs. Since then, she has been having shoots with big brands, like the Nike ad that was aired in the Women’s World Cup last year. Recently, she worked with photographer David PD Hyde for a Gucci ad campaign—Mascara L’Obscur—featured in the Italian “Vogue.”

Photo Credit: @elliejg16_zebedeemodel (Instagram)

This could’ve been a big break for other aspiring models, but more than that, for Ellie, it is a huge step forward to a more inclusive and welcoming industry of diverse people like her. 

“I really enjoyed the modeling and loved wearing the Gucci dress. I’m really proud of the photoshoot and would love to be famous. I’m looking forward to modeling for other brands,” she explained.

Ellie was instantly the public’s favorite and the audience’s response in her Gucci campaign was overwhelmingly positive. Yvonne Goldstein, her mother, said their whole family is so proud of her not only of her modelling talent but also of her enormous contribution to the world for people with Down syndrome.

Photo Credit: @elliejg16_zebedeemodel (Instagram)

“We’re all incredibly proud of Ellie and all the lovely comments she has had on Gucci’s Instagram,” Yvonne said. “She has always loved being in the limelight and in front of the camera, she’s very confident and good at taking direction.”

Laura Johnson, spokesperson of Zebedee, regards Ellie’s achievement in a major project and the people’s positive response as a success in overcoming the old stigma against models with disabilities. 

Photo Credit: @elliejg16_zebedeemodel (Instagram)

“Inclusion of all people in the industry is so important, not only because it is the right thing to do ethically, but also makes good business sense,” Laura said. “Ellie is such a wonderful person inside and out. She lights up the room when she walks in and is such a professional. She is incredibly skilled and such natural beauty. This means the world to her, her family and the wider community. We really hope that all brands take note and including disabled models now becomes the norm.”

You are a wonderful girl Ellie! Congratulations and keep slaying!


Source: Inspire More



Kind Soul Anonymously Leaves Gifts for Strangers



kindness chalk handwritten word 1197351

Quick Smiles:

  • Miss Busy” brightens days in Calne, Wiltshire by hanging delightful “kindness packages” from trees in high foot traffic areas.
  • The mystery lady’s inspiration stemmed from her own uplifted spirits upon finding a crochet keychain on a day she needed cheering up.
  • Locals adore discovering her sweet presents, usually accompanied by handwritten notes, bringing rays of sunshine to those feeling glum.

In the charming town of Calne, Wiltshire in England, an unknown warm-hearted individual, affectionately known as “Miss Busy,” has taken to infusing the days of locals with spontaneous joy through her delightful “kindness packages”!

These bundles of happiness, carefully hung from trees in bustling areas, have become little beacons of happiness, turning ordinary walks into treasure hunts of joy.

Miss Busy’s lovely endeavor emerged from a heartfelt experience of her own. On a day shadowed by blues, she stumbled upon a crochet keychain during an outdoor walk, a small discovery that painted her day with a stroke of cheer.

The joy derived from this unexpected find kindled a flame of inspiration in her heart. She thought, “Why not multiply this joy and spread it around?”

And so, with the mission to add a sprinkle of brightness to her community, Miss Busy began crafting her own enchanting presents, thoughtfully placing them in the path of fellow pedestrians. Her hope? To offer a warm embrace to the hearts of those who, like her, might be traversing through a glum day.

Each package she prepares is a whisper of compassion, usually escorted by handwritten notes, touching the souls of the finders.

The locals of Calne have embraced Miss Busy’s loving gesture with open arms. The thrill of finding her adorable packages has become a cherished experience in the community, a gentle reminder of the beauty in shared happiness and random acts of kindness.


The thoughtful handwritten notes accompanying the gifts are like sunbeams, lighting up faces and warming hearts around the town.

In a world where days can sometimes be laden with challenges, the radiant ripple effect of Miss Busy’s kindness packages serves as a beacon of hope, a sweet testament to the transformative power of a simple act of love and the boundless joy it can unfold.

So, here’s to the magical moments Miss Busy is creating, and may we all find inspiration in her acts to sprinkle a little more joy in the world around us!


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Cute Animals

Must-Watch: Golden Retriever’s Adorable Game of Peek-a-Boo



fua snout dog golden retriever 2491995

Quick Smiles:

  • Maverick, the adorable Golden Retriever, melts hearts by playing a charming game of peek-a-boo with a towel over his head.
  • “Where’s Maverick?” echoes his mom’s playful voice, enhancing the delight in the scene, as the treat offers a delightful twist.
  • This heartwarming play is more than a joyous moment; it serves as mental stimulation, building trust and strengthening the bond between Maverick and his human.

Scrolling through the digital world, we often stumble upon countless delightful pet videos, each one a treasure trove of joy and laughter.

However, a golden gem named Maverick has recently captivated hearts and sparked an outpour of giggles with his endearing love for a timeless game, peek-a-boo!

In the viral clip shared by @maverickthegolden, we are invited to witness a heartwarming scene: Maverick sits patiently, a towel forming a makeshift veil over his head.

The air is filled with anticipation as his mom’s playful voice rings out, teasing, “Where’s Maverick?”

The suspense is further sweetened when a treat is introduced into the game, creating a delightful twist while he sits, still draped in his towel.


♬ original sound – Maverick Bradley

But beyond the undeniable warmth and cuteness of this scene lies a deep significance in this simple game.

Playing peek-a-boo or similar playful activities taps into pivotal aspects of a dog’s development and well-being, offering them mental stimulation akin to the benefits humans reap from puzzles or problem-solving activities.


It helps sharpen their minds and enhances their cognitive abilities as they try to discern the origin of the voice and understand the promised treat’s presence.

The joy-filled interactions witnessed in the clip are also foundational in building trust. The game, intertwined with positive, reward-based exchanges, helps Maverick strengthen his bond with his human, creating a harmonious pet-parent relationship. Such bonding is essential, cultivating an environment filled with trust and mutual respect.

There’s a lesson to be gleaned about impulse control as well. Many a dog would have impulsively thrown off the towel, but not Maverick. His patience is a testament to the importance of teaching dogs to control their impulses, paving the way for commendable behavior in varied situations, whether it be patiently waiting for food or maintaining composure during vet visits.

Furthermore, introducing dogs to new scenarios through such delightful games is instrumental in making them more adaptable. It aids in desensitizing them to unfamiliar situations, reducing the likelihood of fear or anxiety in different environments.

As we indulge in the joyful antics of Maverick and share his adorable moments, let’s also take a pause to reflect on and appreciate the profound joys and learnings that come from bonding through play, shaping our furry friends into well-rounded companions. Here’s to more moments of laughter and learning with our lovable pets!


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Keanu Reeves Brings Joy to Coffee Shop With a Dash of Duke Caboom!



Quick Smiles:

  • Keanu Reeves surprises fans by stepping into his “Toy Story 4” character, Duke Caboom, at a mobile coffee shop in Moab’s desert.
  • The actor played with his character’s toy, making it do flips and declaring, “Canada’s greatest stuntman!” bringing joy to the Urban Sailor Coffee employees.
  • “Grateful for the unforgettable moments… alongside the one and only Keanu Reeves!” shares an elated Archer, an employee of Urban Sailor Coffee.

Everyone loves a surprise, and Keanu Reeves has a knack for delivering joy when least expected!

During a delightful encounter at Urban Sailor Coffee, a cozy mobile coffee shop nestled in the enchanting landscapes of Moab, Reeves not only shared smiles but also created a lasting memory for the fans and employees present.

🙏 Feeling incredibly grateful for the overwhelming support and love garnered from the Moab trip with the coffee bar motorcycle! 🌄💕 Thanks to all of you for the views, likes, and encouragement. Starting Urban Sailor coffee on my motorcycle sidecar has been an incredible journey, and I’m thrilled to have you all along for the ride! ☕🏍️ #Gratitude #UrbanSailorCoffee @UrbanSailorCoffee #MotosInMoab #keanureeves #NormanReedus #RideWithNormanReedus #DukeKaboom

♬ Devil Eyes – Hippie Sabotage

A sense of jubilation floated in the air when the beloved actor, known for his humble and down-to-earth nature, spotted a toy of his character from “Toy Story 4,” Duke Caboom, perched like a mascot on the coffee stand.

Without missing a beat, his eyes sparkled, and a radiant smile spread across his face. Without any exchange of words, it was clear to everyone; he was amongst fans!

Reeves couldn’t resist the allure of nostalgia and spontaneously stepped into his character’s voice. Filling the space with vibrant energy, he proclaimed his well-known line, “Canada’s greatest stuntman!” leaving everyone around brimming with joy.

Adding more to the delightful moments, he cheerfully played with the toy, making Duke perform flips like the incredible stuntman he’s portrayed to be in the movie.

The employees of Urban Sailor Coffee, especially Archer, were overjoyed by the unexpected visit and Reeves’s warm interactions.


“Grateful for the unforgettable moments spent in the breathtaking landscapes of Moab alongside the one and only Keanu Reeves!” Archer gleefully shared on TikTok.

His genuine love for nature and easygoing personality made the encounter even more memorable and pleasant for everyone present.

And it seems that this wonderful experience is destined to become a cherished tale at Urban Sailor Coffee, one that the employees will joyfully recount to future customers and anyone willing to lend an ear to this heartwarming interaction with the truly kind and ever-amazing Keanu Reeves.

Here’s to more surprising and joyful encounters with our favorite stars, adding a sprinkle of magic to our everyday lives!


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