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3-Year-Old Baking Pro Makes Cookies For Frontliners [Video]



  • Mia has been loving baking since she was just over a year old.
  • Now that she’s already 3, you could say she’s already a pro in baking!
  • Recently, she and her mom started a project to bake cookies and give them to essential workers and frontliners, and people are loving not only the sweets but Mia herself!

Since she was only over a year old, Mia Villa has been loving baking as she watches her mom, Devin, make chocolate chip cookies. Now that she is 3 years old, she’s already a baking pro!

“The world was feeling down and we needed some kindness,” Devin told Good Morning America. “I thought, ‘Who doesn’t love a chocolate chip cookie?’ This little 3-year-old could spread smiles, and I hope it teaches her lessons.”

Photo Credit: Mia’s Cookie Jar/Facebook

When the pandemic happened, Devin wanted to contribute to the efforts of the frontline workers and make some treats for them. Of course, Mia wanted to help too!

The amazing mother-daughter tandem started working together and made lots of cookies for essential workers — like the ones working in hospitals, supermarkets, police departments, and many others. As of recently, they have already donated more than a thousand cookies!

Mia’s goodies are undoubtedly delicious but the best part is, she delivers  them personally, and it has moved many hearts to see a little one with so much interest in helping others. 

The response to their heroic deeds has been overwhelming and Devin even started a Facebook page dedicated for Mia’s sweet treats called Mia’s Cookie Jar. Here, people can order cookies and indicate where they will be donating them.

Every time they deliver the cookies, they would drive for about an hour and people absolutely loved to see Mia. 

Photo Credit: Mia’s Cookie Jar/Facebook

“They’re so excited to see her, so thankful for what she’s doing,” Devin said.

While it was her mom’s original plan, Mia has already taken over the project and led it. Devin is there to guide her and make sure the ingredients are right, and also a little help in the oven — the rest is done by Mia!

Photo Credit: Mia’s Cookie Jar/Facebook

“I hope it inspires other people to just be kind and grateful,” Devin said. “Mia will bake the cookies, we bake them fresh every day. We box them up, hop in the car, and off we go!”

The toddler is so sweet she even thought about making treats for the police K9 dogs as well! 

Photo Credit: Mia’s Cookie Jar/Facebook

She may be just a kid but she’s got a big heart and that’s what this world needs the most — more kindness and healing!

Source: Inspire More