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3-Yr-Old Sings Sweet Lullaby for Her Family’s Sleepy Horses [Video]



  • Myf Thomas, 3, was singing in their family farm when two horses started to approach her.
  • The two horses, Chester and Teddy, rested their heads against hers and began to slowly doze off as she sang them a lullaby.
  • The scene was simply heartwarming and mesmerizing — from Myf’s adorable little voice to her gently stroking the two horses.

Sweet little Myf Thomas, 3, had climbed up a post in their family farm in Roma, Australia, and started to sing while her mother, Kelli, worked around the farm.

Her singing caught the attention of their two horses, Chester and Teddy. The two horses, apparently curious about what she was doing, slowly approached her and listened to her sweet song.

Photo Credit: YouTube

The adorable moment was captured by Kelli and shared with the online world. It has since brightened thousands of people’s days.

In the video, the horses can be seen gathering around Myf as she softly sang. The little girl’s singing voice sounded like the sweetest thing ever — and the horses seem to agree.

Chester and Teddy, who are known by the family as gentle giants, looked perfectly comfortable around their tiny human sister. As they rest their heads against hers, they begin to slowly doze off in the gentle sunlight while Myf continued to sing them a lullaby.

Kelli later stated, “The horses wandered up to investigate and ended up being serenaded to sleep. Just a quiet winter afternoon after feeding the cattle. She’s an Aussie country girl who enjoys having her animals around her.”

The scene was simply filled with heartwarming goodness, from Myf’s adorable little voice to her gently stroking the two horses. She truly looks like a horse whisperer in action.

Photo Credit: YouTube

It was such an amazing moment to witness! We can’t wait to see how she would work her way through their family farm as she grows up.

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