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6th Grader Sells $1 Lemonade For Diapers and Wipes for Single Mothers [Video]



  • Cartier Carey started with helping the homeless and now single mothers in his community.
  • He sells lemonade, buys diapers and wipes with his earnings, and gives them through local churches, shelters, and organizations.
  • He already set up a non-profit organization to encourage other youth to help out in the community.

From helping the homeless to making care packages last year, Cartier Carey has now provided diapers and wipes to single mothers in the US and some parts of the world during this coronavirus pandemic. His funds come from his lemonade stand and a GoFundMe page.

Cartier says, “If some people, like the homeless, don’t have what they need, they’re not going to live for a long time.  It’s hard to see, so I love to help out.”

He has even established a non-profit organization called the Kids 4 Change 757 urging the youth to volunteer/help out in their communities.

Cartier added, “I want to keep doing things like this for the rest of my life.”

According to his mom, Britany Stewart, her son has always been helping others. “When he was younger, he would ask me if we could give homeless people on the streets money and how we could help them. He’s helped some kids who were struggling or lonely at his school before.”

He distributed care packages that included soap, hand warmers, tissues, liquid sanitizer, and snacks and water to the homeless last year.

Photo Credit: Cartier Carey

This year with the coronavirus pandemic, he was so concerned with single parents in their community. For a couple of hours daily, he sold lemonades at $1 and bought diapers and wipes from the proceeds.  Anyone can pick up from a table set up on a table outside their house.

He and his parents, siblings, and other kid friends in the neighborhood have also managed to collect more than $7,500 from the stand.  They used this to purchase almost 28,000 diapers and wipes for single mothers.  The local organizations, churches, and shelters distribute the goods.

To help Cartier, his mom set up a GoFundMe campaign that has already raised $34,000. Weekly, they receive requests for diapers from parents from the US and around the world.

The sixth grader feels great to be doing the right thing.


Cartier may have gotten the giving gene from his mom, “I have a baby in diapers still, so I can imagine what a lot of these moms who don’t have jobs are going through. I feel like if you’re able to, you should give back and help others who can’t afford to get things that they need,” Stewart says.

Source: PEOPLE