8-year-old becomes pop icon overnight with dad’s Tiktok video [Video]

  • Annika Coverly, called as Anni, was having an all-out ‘Girl on Fire’ performance by the pool, while cleaning it.
  • Her dad Tom was actually taking her a video at the side, and posted in on Tiktok.
  • Anni received so much love and support from the online community, which made the little girl amusingly confident in herself.

Just when she thought no one was watching, the world was actually waiting for her to shine.

Annika Coverly, also known as Anni, of Pensacola, Florida was singing her heart out with Alicia Keys’ “Girl on Fire” while cleaning the pool. Little did she know that her dad Tom was secretly filming her, ready to show her to the world.

The eight-year-old’s girl all-out performance was a beautiful sight — with a net as her microphone, pool chairs as her audience, and a full-of-conviction song.


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Right before finishing her piece, Anni saw her dad taking her a video, and instead of feeling annoyed, her face lit up, probably just a little shy, and she thanked her dad for telling her she was the best.

Tom shared the video on Tiktok and was overwhelmed by the love and support people are giving to his daughter.

“We were getting about 100,000 views every single day, I mean, they were just coming in,” Tom told WEAR ABC 3. “And then Alicia Keys herself ended up commenting on the video, Tori Kelly, and a bunch of other celebrities.”

Alicia Keys herself reached out, saying, “I love this! Sing mama! You are amazing! And you ARE on fire!”

Besides Alicia, the Tiktok community also showed Anni so much kindness — which, according to Tom and his wife Tiffany, has been the biggest boost of confidence for her.”

And this could mean so much for an eight-year-old girl. All the 27,000 kind comments from strangers all over the world made her feel very special. “It made me feel worth it to this world,” the little diva said.


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♬ Girl on Fire – Alicia Keys

It’s a feeling she hopes to inspire in other young kids. “I want them to get, like, they can follow their dreams and they can be special too like that,” Anni added. “Because they are all worth it. Everybody is worth is to this world.”

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