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85-Year-Old Man’s Stolen Mower Replaced By Anonymous Donor



  • Gordon stayed with his son during the lockdown and was away from his home in Harpursville, New York.
  • While he was away, someone stole his lawnmower which is one of his most cherished belongings.
  • Fortunately, an anonymous donor gave him a brand new lawn mower and he was very happy to be able to tend his lawn again.

Amidst all the drastic change in our lives these days, we tend to cling on to the little things that keep us in the state of being normal, somehow.

These little things could be a baking hobby for some, or painting and creating artworks. But for Gordon Blakeslee, 85, he clings on to his 2009 red Craftsman riding mower that he uses to keep his lawn neat.

Once the lockdown started due to the novel coronavirus, Gordon decided to stay with his son temporarily. But while he was away from his home in Harpursville, New York, a thief took advantage of his absence and stole his beloved lawnmower.

When Gordon returned home, he was mad not to find his mower and he refused to buy a new one!

The neighbors heard of the unfortunate news but their family begged them to not start any fundraiser.

“That was something that was precious to him, everything that he has, has value to him,” says his daughter-in-law, Candace Blakeslee.

“I want it back,” says Gordon. “I used to work out here, when my wife was alive, I used to work out there all day long.”

Photo Credit: Candace Blakeslee

He was determined to get his mower back and made a sign with his handwriting on the cardboard that says: “Bring back my mower. I’m 85 years-old! I can’t push.” 

Candace also posted his photo, next to the cardboard sign, on Facebook to find his missing mower. It may be just a regular chore for others, but for Gordon, it holds a lot of meaning and memories.

Photo Credit: Candace Blakeslee

Although they did not want any fundraiser for him, an anonymous benefactor came forward to donate a brand new Craftsman riding mower — not the same as his 2009 model but it’s striking red like the old one!

His new lawnmower was brought to him by the Broome County Sheriff’s Department. For sure he was very thrilled to tend his lawn again!


Source: Tank’s Good News