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87-Year-Old Who Dropped Out of HS to Join The Air Force Receives Diploma [Video]



  • Ed was in junior high school when he dropped out in 1952 so he could join the Air Force.
  • He battled in the Korean War and went to serve the military for four years.
  • After more than 60 years, Ed graduated from high school and received his diploma.

In 1952, Edward Sanders left high school and joined the U.S. Air Force to combat in the Korean War. More than 60 years later, he finally graduated in high school!

He was only 15 and was in junior high when he became a bomber pilot because there was a great need at that time — although he was more interested in flying fighter planes.

“Next thing I knew I was in Korea, wishing I was back in Jackson, [Michigan],” he said.

After 4 years of serving the Air Force and being stationed around the world, Ed left to work for a number of organizations before he retired.

Many people might see the high school diploma as just a piece of paper often forgotten over the years. But for Ed, it was always a dream he wanted to achieve.

Photo Credit: Fox News

That is why when he heard of the news that he could actually get one through a Michigan law that permits schools to provide diplomas to those who chose to serve in the military and didn’t finish high school! He was so excited as he went through the process and finally, he got his own diploma complete with a graduation cap and gown!

His education may have been cut short because of his service, but his love life wasn’t. Before he joined the Air Force, he asked his high school love, Patricia, to wait for him to come back. She did! 

Photo Credit: Fox News

Eventually they got married and were blessed with three kids, five grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. Among their huge family is Alex Bissell, his great-great niece who happened to be graduating from the same school he dropped-out, Jackson High School.

Photo Credit: Alex BIssell

So to make things more wonderful for Ed that it already is, he graduated together with a beloved family member! That makes us very happy and proud for him! Salute!

Source: Inspire More