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93-Year-Old Man Tries To Hitch A Ride To Buy Chocolates For His Girlfriend of 20 Years [Video]



  • The first time Richard met Mike, he was trying to hitch a ride going to a 99-cent store.
  • Mike, 93, and Doris, his 94-year-old partner, need to refill their supply of chocolates that they usually share every night.
  • That’s when Rich and Mike became friends unexpectedly and he has helped keep the couple’s tradition alive.

Love is a powerful force that can make you do anything for the people you adore—just like the elderly person Richard Farmer met back in April. 

The real estate agent from San Marcos, California, was going home to take his lunch when he spotted an elderly man standing on the side of the standing with his walker holding a thumb out. So then Richard asked if he needed help and that’s when they started to fulfill a very important mission.

Mike Cain, 93-year-old, was hoping to get to a 99-cent store so Richard spent 15 minutes disinfecting the interior of his car and drove Mike to the nearest local store which was one-and-a-half miles away.

While on the road, Richard learned that Mike and Doris, his 94-year-old partner, have been having a tradition of sharing a Hershey’s chocolate bar every night for almost 20 years now and they don’t have plans on stopping soon. Not even quarantine can stop the Air Force veteran to get their supplies of chocolate even if that meant walking quite a distance.

Photo Credit: Richard Farmer

Luckily, he crossed paths with Richard!

“I was amazed. I’m like, ‘This guy must really be in love with this gal,’” Richard told NBC San Diego.

Photo Credit: Richard Farmer

So then they went to the store and Mike bought 35 Hershey’s bars. After that, Richard dropped him off at his home and gave him his number so that Mike can give him a call should he need help next time.

“I gave him my card and said next time [you] need some chocolate, no need to try and hitch [a] ride, just give me a call and I look forward to meeting Doris,” Richard said on a Facebook post.

Not long after, Richard was able to meet Mike’s most special woman.

Photo Credit: Rich Farmer Team – KRC Realty (Youtube)

“He can go wherever he wants to go; I probably have to send the police after him,” Doris said jokingly, thankful that her partner stumbled on Richard.

Mike is also very grateful to have met Richard. “There aren’t that many people like Rich in the world,” he said.

Of friendship, and chocolates, and quarantine—cheers to both of them!


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