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94-Yr-Old Breaks Down After Caregiver Surprises Him With Pillow With A Picture Of His Wife



  • This caregiver working in one senior care facility decides to surprise one of the residents grieving the loss of his wife last year.
  • The old man sleeps with a framed photo of his wife since the day she died, longing for her company ever since.
  • His caregiver decided on surprising the old man with a pillow with a picture of his wife printed on it.

Ada Benbow passed last year, leaving Ken Benbow longing for his beloved wife. His situation has become more complex with canceled visitations in senior care facilities in the country following safety protocols during this coronavirus pandemic.  

The old man is 94 years old this year, housed in Thistleton Lodge, in Lancashire, England.

The senior housing temporarily moved their caregivers inside the facility to continue the care for the residents during the pandemic, taking precautionary steps to circumvent disease infection. Kia Tobin, 17 years old, is part of the personnel coming up with ideas to comfort senior residents in isolation.

Ken Benbow sleeps with a framed photo of his wife since the day she died, marking the end to their seventy-one years together. The caregiver decided on surprising the old man with something better than the picture frame, sympathetic to his grief. She decided on presenting the old man with a soft pillow, printed on it is a picture of his wife.

Thistleton shared the video of this surprise online. The surprise started with Kia talking to Ken, telling him about the present she got for him, then handing over the pillow to the old man.

Ken could not help breaking down the moment he saw the picture of his wife on the present.

“We know our residents are missing their loved ones at this time, but let’s not forget those who sadly aren’t here with us anymore,” the caption on the post reads. “Today, one of our lovely staff, Kia Mariah Tobin, gave Ken a pillow with his beloved wife on who we also cared for. Safe to say we all shed a tear with Ken today.”

The Mirror | Ken Benbow

Their love story started just after World War II after Ken left the Navy and moved to Liverpool. It all started with dancing, they fell in love and betrothed after a few months.

“Ada was the most wonderful, most caring wife,” Ken said. “We were married for 71 years, and it broke my heart when she left me, but now I’ve got her every night in my arms.”

The old man is appreciative of the efforts made on his behalf since the day he moved in the senior care facility. He describes their treatment of him as nothing but love, especially from Kia.

The Mirror | Ken Benbow

“I came here to this lovely home, where they are, every one of them, marvelous and so caring,” the old man says. “They don’t see you wanting for anything.”

The surprise that he had been given, he describes it as “the most precious thing anyone could ever wish for.”


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