A year apart doesn’t hinder blind and deaf dog to recognize her grandpa [Video]

  • Bitsy was born deaf and blind, so Steve Kristal was worried that she would be a helpless dog when his daughter Hayden brought her home.
  • But Bitsy proved him wrong from day one. She does things her own and even loves adventures.
  • She even recognized her grandpa even after being apart for a year!

This dog doesn’t need eyes and ears to recognize her loved ones, because she truly knows them by heart.

Photo Credit: Hayden Kristal/Facebook

Bitsy was born deaf and blind. She was only five weeks old when Hayden Kristal brought her home five years ago. This stirred concerns from Hayden’s dad, Steve, as he was worried how vulnerable Bitsy would be given her condition.

Bitsy, however, proved to her new family from that moment on that she will never be restricted by her condition. “The first thing she did when I brought her home was to make a beeline for the food dish, crawl into it and eat until she passed out,” Hayden told The Dodo.

Bitsy has been “her own woman since day one” and that promptly wiped away Steve’s fears. The grandpa realized he just met an energetic, happy-go-lucky dog who’s rising above her snags.

Far from the helpless dog Steve expected, Bitsy is making the most out of her life, perhaps even surpassing what a normal dog can do. She has travelled all over the country with her mom — hiking, canoeing, riding the subway and even skateboarding.

Photo Credit: Hayden Kristal/Facebook

“Bitsy is the sweetest, friendliest, most loving and loyal dog in the world,” Hayden said. “She is bold and sassy and she loves adventure!”

Never expecting he would be this close to his granddog, Steve had become so fond of Bitsy. They often spend time together and hang out whenever possible.

“He is her number one fan and her biggest champion,” Hayden said of his dad. “He will tell anyone who will listen about what an amazing dog she is and how much he loves her. He does the typical grandpa things of spoiling her with treats and toys and she loves to just hang out near him.”

When COVID happened last year, Bitsy’s life was also affected. Her and her mom’s life slowed down like anybody else’s, and they had to be separated from family, including Steve.

After being apart for a year, Steve was worried that Bitsy wouldn’t recognize her. The long separation plus Bitsy’s condition made him suppose so, but he was totally mistaken. Bitsy has gone crazy as soon as she sensed his smell and welcomed him with hugs and kisses!


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“As soon as I got within scent range, she totally lost her mind with joy,” Steve Kristal wrote on Facebook. “So did I.”

“Once again Bitsy proved that the abilities she has are far more impressive than the ones she’s missing,” he added. “What a truly amazing and wonderful soul. Maybe you can tell from this video how much we love each other.”

Photo Credit: Steve Kristal/Facebook

For a loyal dog like Bitsy, a person who has cared so much is someone she would always remember. And a lack of eyes and ears won’t stop her from doing so.

Source: The Dodo

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