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Abandoned Cat And Dog Who Found Refuge In Each Other Named After ‘Homeward Bound’ Pets



  • A cat and 2 dogs were found abandoned in a field in Jackson County, Michigan.
  • The cat and one dog were found snuggling and even after they were rescued and brought to the Jackson County Animal Shelter, they stayed together.
  • The other dog was adopted by the man who found them and the two are now open for adoption as a bonded pair for they cannot be without each other.

When a cat and dog were abandoned in a field in Jackson County, Michigan, they formed a bond that made them turn to each other for comfort and strength.  Their partnership included another dog who they spent the days and nights with, in that field. Nobody knew if they were already together when they were abandoned or it was just in the field that they became friends.

When they were found, they were underweight, according to animal services director of Jackson County Animal Shelter in Michigan, Lydia Sattler.

The three reminded the rescuers of the two dogs and one cat of the 1993 movie Homeward Bound. And so, they named the 1-year-old male cat Shadow and one of the dogs, a 6-year-old female, Sassy.

Photo Credit: Jackson County Animal Shelter

The man who found them adopted the other dog and the two are at the Jackson County Animal Shelter, awaiting adoption.  The strong bond between Sassy and Shadow made the shelter decide that they should be adopted as a bonded pair.

When they were found, Sattler said, “Sassy and Shadow were snuggled together. The dog let the cat eat out of a bowl, sitting right next to her.” A cat’s usual behavior is to take off and hide, but in this case, he stayed with the dogs and laid on her.

At the shelter, they stayed in a room together. When each was neutered and spayed, each cried for the other. Even if it was just for a short time, the sadness they felt at the separation was heartbreaking to see. It also made them a favorite pair at the shelter.

Photo Credit: Jackson County Animal Shelter

The Jackson County Animal Shelter would prefer the adopter to have no other pets for the duo to be “the center of attention.”

Sattler said, “I can’t think of anything bad to say about either one. They’re both amazing animals. And once you meet them, I promise you, they will steal your heart. Melt your heart.”

Shadow and Sassy have good manners, indicating that they once belonged to a home.

For those interested but are having difficulty in feeding them, they offer free food for those struggling with the problem.

Shadow and Sassy’s adoption fees have already been covered by a kind shelter volunteer.  


We wish these best friends find their forever loving home soon. 

Source: People