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Abandoned Dog and His Squeaky Pig Toy: A Heartwarming Duo Searching For Forever Home



Quick Smiles:

  • Bruce, a dog abandoned by the I-710 highway in Los Angeles, finds solace and companionship in a squeaky pig toy gifted by a kind stranger.
  • Suzette Hall, founder of Logan’s Legacy dog rescue, aids in his rescue, and witnesses the deep bond between Bruce and his toy.
  • Now with a foster family, Bruce continues his search for a permanent home, with the essential condition that his beloved pig toy joins him.

Highways usually resonate with the sounds of blaring horns and roaring engines.

But for Suzette Hall, a dedicated dog rescuer and founder of Logan’s Legacy dog rescue, a single phone call and the jubilant words, “We got him,” led her to the heartbeats of a unique friendship on I-710 in Los Angeles.

Bruce, an abandoned canine, had been left by the highway, waiting for months. He became a familiar yet distant figure for the locals.

“He would constantly bark and cry, just wanting someone to notice him,” shared Hall.

Kind-hearted neighbors tried to ease Bruce’s loneliness by leaving food out for him.

After each meal, the lonely canine would return to the highway shoulder, looking out at the passing cars.


Then, a transformative moment happened.

“A kind soul had tossed a squeaky pig toy to Bruce. From that point, it became his constant companion, his cherished friend,” Hall noted, expressing amazement and emotion.

Witnessing Bruce and his pig was a beautiful sight for Hall.

She said, “He would stealthily play when he thought no one was watching – tossing it up, catching it, and running around jubilantly.”

Bruce’s unyielding attachment to his squeaky friend became evident.


“Even when taking shelter by the highway’s side, his pig was always right beside him. Without it, I shudder to think how he might have coped,” Hall confessed.

After weeks of painstaking attempts, Bruce was finally secured in a neighbor’s yard, bringing Hall rushing to his rescue. She whisked him off to Camino Pet Hospital. Yet, in the midst of the excitement, a crucial member of the team was forgotten.

“I left behind the pig,” Hall admitted, “Thankfully, Genavie Ochoa, a dear friend to Bruce and our rescue helper, came to our aid with the toy.”

The moment the pig toy was presented to Bruce, his face illuminated with unmistakable joy. “Seeing that radiant smile of his was worth everything,” Hall expressed.


Currently nestled with a foster family, Bruce’s loyalty to his toy pig remains unshaken. Every night, the pig rests beside him, and by morning, the duo is found snuggled up together.

Bruce and his inseparable pig friend continue their quest for a loving, forever home.

Hall’s aspirations are clear and heartfelt, “We fervently wish to find that special forever home for Bruce.

But there’s a non-negotiable clause: his cherished pig must accompany him!”