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Abandoned Dog Becomes Award-Winning Crimefighter



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  • PD Buzz, an abandoned dog found wandering the streets, has become an award-winning, crime-fighting canine with South Yorkshire Police.
  • In just one year of service, PD Buzz has helped officers with 26 arrests, 71 pursuits, and 38 missing person searches, showcasing his exceptional skills and dedication to the job.
  • PD Buzz’s success is attributed to his strong bond with his handler, PC Ashley Green, and his unwavering loyalty, resilience, and determination to protect and serve his community.

Paws-itively amazing! Meet PD Buzz, the crime-fighting canine with a wagging tail and a nose for justice.

Get ready to be wowed by an incredible tale of doggy determination and crime-fighting prowess! It all started when PD Buzz, an adorable pup found wandering the streets, was taken in by a rescue center in Barnsley. Little did anyone know, this four-legged furball was about to embark on an adventure that would earn him the title of “Animal of the Year” and make him a bona fide hero in the eyes of South Yorkshire Police.

South Yorkshire Police

In just one year of service, PD Buzz has accomplished feats that would make any doggy proud. He’s helped officers nab 26 suspects, chased down 71 criminals in hot pursuits, and located 38 missing persons. This pint-sized powerhouse has proven time and again that he’s got the skills, the smarts, and the wagging tail to get the job done!

But PD Buzz’s road to stardom wasn’t always smooth. When he was first found, he was microchipped, but his registered owner was nowhere to be found. It turns out, they didn’t want their furry friend anymore. But that didn’t dampen PD Buzz’s spirits one bit! This plucky pup refused to let his past define him, and he’s been living his best life as a police dog ever since.

PD Buzz’s success in the force is all thanks to his incredible partnership with his handler, PC Ashley Green. These two are an unstoppable team, with a bond that’s as strong as steel and as sweet as a doggy treat. PC Green can’t stop raving about their adventures together, calling their first year “amazing.” Together, they’ve faced challenges with tails wagging and noses sniffing, and their unwavering loyalty to each other is truly pawsome!

“Over the past year Buzz has gone from strength, showing that he was made to be a police dog,” PC Green said. “I joined the dog section in 2021 and was partnered with PD Buzz in 2022. Our relationship is strong, and I trust him to protect me. His rough start in life hasn’t impacted on his loyalty and power to protect, we respect each other and face everything as a team.”

“Our first year has been amazing, I believe I have the best job in the world, spending every day with my best friend. I am looking forward to what the next chapter of our career holds.”

PD Buzz’s story is a shining example of the incredible resilience and potential of rescue animals. He’s a living reminder that with a little love, care, and determination, any abandoned dog can transform into a hero in their own right. PD Buzz’s adventures have captured the hearts of many, and his wagging tail and wet nose have brought smiles to countless faces.


So, let’s raise a paw and cheer for PD Buzz, the crime-fighting canine who’s stolen our hearts and made our communities safer with his wag-tastic contributions. His journey from being an abandoned dog to an award-winning hero is a pawsome reminder that there’s always a silver lining, even in the most unexpected places.

Here’s to PD Buzz, the furry force to be reckoned with, and to the power of second chances for all our four-legged friends. Keep wagging that tail, PD Buzz, and keep spreading the joy and inspiration wherever you go! Woof-tastic!

Source: BBC