Abandoned Dog In A Shopping Cart Found Just In Time By PetSmart Employee [Video]

  • A dog was abandoned in a shopping cart outside a PetSmart store.
  • An employee found the dog and asked for help from a Facebook group.
  • Forgotten, Now Family Rescue immediately sent out a team and brought the dog to an emergency vet for surgeries which saved the dog.

When a PetSmart employee noticed something moving in a stray shopping cart outside the store, she was not expecting to see a dog.Β  The dog was sitting on the cart for almost 30 minutes and it needed immediate help. She immediately brought the dog inside the store and posted about the dog in a Facebook group.

Forgotten, Now Family Rescue founder Chrissy Elder said that when they saw the post, they quickly sent out a team as the elderly dog named Monroe was in desperate need of medical attention.

Elder said, β€œI said our rescue would step up.” She then met up with the store employee and took Monroe to an emergency vet for custody and care.

Photo Credit: @forgotten_now_family_rescue (Instagram)

Monroe had a number of wounds that needed multiple complex surgeries. Had the employee not found Monroe in time, she would have not have survived.

But she is doing better now and is not expected to need further care, according to Elder. β€œ[She] should live a very normal, healthy life.”

Photo Credit: @forgotten_now_family_rescue (Instagram)

In spite of all that she has been through, Monroe has shown only love and gratitude to those who have been taking care of her. Elder said that she is the sweetest gal and that people cannot help but fall in love with her.

For now, Monroe is living in a foster home until she gets adopted into her forever home.

Thank you, PetSmart employee for saving Monroe!

Source: The Dodo

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