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Abandoned Dog Tied To A Fence Keeps on Smiling After Rescue



  • A dog that was abandoned and tied to the fence with a note on his neck still manages to smile.
  • A Good Samaritan brings him to a vet clinic to be treated and cleaned.
  • After being released from the clinic, the foster parent changes her mind and adopts him instead.  

A Great Pyrenees-mix dog has been abandoned tied to a fence with a note on his neck that said: “Don’t have time. Just take the dog,”.  But what impressed the Good Samaritan that rescued him from that situation was his smile. 

Photo Credit: Lindsey Hawkins

Keeping a smile even when you are experiencing heartache, dirty, and covered with ticks is a hard thing to do.  But Goose kept smiling and wagging his tail.

The Good Samaritan brought him to a vet for treatment and after a few days, a thorough cleaning. All throughout the treatment and cleaning, he remained calm and was never aggressive.

Photo Credit: Lindsey Hawkins

And when he was released, Goose’s smile even got bigger as Goose’s new mom, Lindsey Hawkins, only wanted to foster him at first but he won her over by climbing from the back of her SUV onto the front seat and her lap.

Upon reaching home, Hawkins realized that Goose must have been an outside dog because he avoided the hardwood floors and was too scared to get on any furniture.  Hawkins said, “He essentially confined himself to the rug in the living room or the carpeted hallway.”

Photo Credit: Lindsey Hawkins

Goose spent the next two days in his new home, sleeping. Eventually, Goose started warming up to his new siblings, including chickens and Zeus, a senior therapy dog.  He also began exploring his new home.

It did not take long for him to be adopted into the family.  Hawkins said, “After a short four days with us, he was ours.”

Goose showed his new parents a touching gesture when he learned he was being adopted for good. Hawkins said, “[Goose] stood up on his hind legs, put his front paws on my husband’s shoulders and buried his head into my husband’s chest, as if he was saying, ‘Thank you.’”

And in just two weeks, Goose is no longer mopey but playful, fun-loving, goofy and loves toys, his sisters, going up to his parents’ bed, rolling in the yard, running around the hardwood floors and being a house dog.

His mom says he has the makings of being a good therapy dog like his big brother Zeus.

Keep on smiling, Goose! 


Source: The Dodo