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Adele Helps Fan Give Surprise Proposal During Musical Event [Video]



  • When Adele was getting ready for her first live concert in four years, the event producers reached out to fans who wanted a special marriage proposal.
  • Quentin Brunson was picked, and he got to propose to his now fiancé, Ashleigh Mann, in front of Adele and other fans.
  • A surprised Ashleigh couldn’t believe it, especially when Adele appeared and serenaded them!

Adele was about to do her first live concert in four years, so she wanted to go all out — while including her biggest fans. The event producers reached out to fans who wanted to give a special marriage proposal. Interested fans were asked to submit a one-minute video explaining why they should be chosen.

Quentin Brunson saw the opportunity as a gift from God, and knew in his gut that he and his now fiancé, Ashleigh Mann, will be picked. They are huge fans of Adele and have been dating for seven years.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Quentin’s intuition came true!

As the proposal went into planning stage, Quentin had no idea that Adele was directly involved until a few days before the event.

On the special day, Adele instructed the audience members to keep quiet as the couple slowly headed to the stage.

Ashleigh had no idea what was going on! She just assumed they were going somewhere cool.

But when she was blindfolded and given noise-canceling headphones, she wondered what was happening.

Photo Credit: Twitter

When they arrived on stage in front of a hidden Adele, Quentin took Ashleigh’s hand and knelt down. When Ashleigh took her headphones and blindfold off, the lights were still dimmed, so she had no idea what was happening around her.

All she knew was that her love was kneeling down in front of her!

Photo Credit: Twitter

As Quentin delivered an emotional speech, Ashleigh couldn’t believe it. Moments after she said “yes,” Adele appeared on stage, rendering Ashleigh even more speechless.

Ashleigh recalled, “I saw him down on one knee and then Adele was there and then I was like, ‘Am I alive? This could be a dream.’”

Adele then told them to take their front row seats, between Melissa McCarthy and Lizzo, to perfectly enjoy Adele’s performance of her classic love song, “Make You Feel My Love.”

Ashleigh started tearing up again, so Melissa handed her some tissues. The bride-to-be joked, “I’m pretty sure we’re all best friends now, so hopefully they’re coming to the wedding.”

What a beautiful moment! We wish Ashleigh and Quentin all the best.

Source: Inspire More