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Adorable Cat Loves The Beach But Hates The Breeze — His Hate Face Is Hilarious!



  • Pumpkin and Moustachio are sibling kitties that their foster parents decided to adopt. 
  • Pumpkin is especially cute because he is the only orange kitty among the litter of kitties his family fostered.
  • What’s more adorable about him is his love for the outdoor adventures including the beach, but he will never ever be friends with the wind! 

Pumpkin is an orange rescue cat that his foster family ended up adopting together with his brother Moustachio. Although their family initially didn’t want to adopt, they realized that they love them so much and decided they should stay. 

Growing up, the family learned that Pumpkin has a mild cerebellar hypoplasia which affects his balance and coordination. But that didn’t stop the adorable kitty to go on adventures! 

Photo Credit: Tia Stoddard

“We say he’s clumsy like a puppy,” his mom, Tia Stoddard, told The Dodo. “He looks more like he trots than runs, his front paws up one at a time.”

Pumpkin loves the outdoors and goes with his family to many adventures like kayaking, hiking, and others. One day, he went to the beach with his mom and sister for the first time. 

Photo Credit: Tia Stoddard

Since it was his first time to see and experience the beach, he enjoyed exploring it, running on the sand, and playing. But when the sea breeze came, he didn’t like that at all. 

“He actually really loved the beach but we soon found out he didn’t love the wind,” Tia explained. “The faces he was making, we’d never seen anything like it before, so we were taking pictures and videos.”

Photo Credit: Tia Stoddard

The face he makes whenever the wind hits him is hilarious and sassy at the same time! They can’t help but laugh at how he definitely hates the wind! 

Photo Credit: Tia Stoddard

Still, that didn’t stop him from going to the beach many times since then. But the wind will never ever be his friend.

Source: The Dodo