Adorable Friendly Seal Becomes Local Celebrity Among Beachgoers

  • Sammy the seal has become a local celebrity at Weymouth Beach in Dorset, England.
  • The adorable friendly seal loves popping up on tourists unexpectedly to play with them.
  • Sammy also seems to know how to pose for photos!

Seals can be really friendly to humans. Perhaps that’s why they are sometimes called “ocean puppies” or “dogs of the sea.” Then again, it might be because they can be just as adorable as dogs!

Just take Sammy the seal for example.

sammy the seal
Photo Credit: Will Badman Photography

Weymouth Beach in Dorset, England, has been his favorite hangout spot ever since a few months ago, when the global lockdowns forced the beaches to close down.

But even after tourists had recently begun to flock back, Sammy decided to stay and be friends with them!

Soon enough, the adorable friendly seal became the local celebrity.

sammy with kayakers
Photo Credit: Will Badman Photography

Sammy behaved like a friendly dog and became beloved to the tourists, who shared pictures of him online.

A photographer, Will Badman, was amused by the photos so he decided to go to the beach to capture the local celebrity in action.

Will told The Dodo. “Sammy has a habit of popping up on people unexpectedly and tries to get onto their surfboard, kayak, or on people’s back as they are swimming.”

sammy with swimmer
Photo Credit: Will Badman Photography

Sammy also turned out to be a natural at posing for photos!

sammy the seal
Photo Credit: Will Badman Photography

“Sammy is a cheeky young seal, and the expressions on his face are funny,” Will told Bored Panda.

Will made sure to remind everyone that Sammy is still a wild animal, so it’s best to keep a safe distance.

sammy the seal
Photo Credit: Will Badman Photography

A group of volunteers also keep watch of Sammy to make sure he’s safe while entertaining beachgoers.

sammy the seal
Photo Credit: Will Badman Photography

We can definitely see why seals also get called “dogs” or “pups.” They’re just as adorable!

Check out more of Will’s photos of Sammy on Facebook.

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Love Sammy. I hope they keep him safe. In this world today, there are always evil people out there trying to hurt these beautiful, adorable pups.