Adorable pups wait for turn to get called before entering [Video]

Adorable pups wait for turn to get called before entering

  • A pack of 7 dogs learned a neat trick that showcased their patience and listening skills.
  • In a video that earned 12 million views, we can see all 7 dogs waiting for their turn to enter through a doggy gate.
  • Each pup waited patiently for their name to get called out before walking through!

It can take a lot of time and effort to teach a dog a trick, especially one that involves patience on their part. That’s usually why it can be difficult to do a proper photoshoot with them for too long. So when it comes to a pack of dogs, the difficulty is multiplied. The parents of one dog pack, however, managed to teach their 7 pups a neat trick!

Photo Credit: TikTok/porkypuds

TikTok userΒ @porkypuds has been showcasing their happy family’s 7 dogs on their social media page. The pups, all ranging in age and size, also have different personalities.

In their first video showcasing their trick, we can see all 7 pups sitting down behind a doggy gate. They all wait patiently for their turn to walk through as their dad calls out their names one by one.

All 7 dogs showed impressive patience! No wonder this video was viewed over 12 million times.

The pups’ parents pride themselves on being the first dog pack to do this trick.

Photo Credit: TikTok/porkypuds

It isn’t even a one-time thing, since they showcased the trick several times more! The pups don’t simply enter whenever any name is called, too — they wait for their turn.

Here’s another video showing them do the same trick but with the names called out in a different order.


Here’s the remake of our most famous video that got over 12Million views! (But in a different order) Can your dogs do this? #dogpack #dogpackchallenge #doggyfriends #cutedogs #cutedog #cutepuppies

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They really do recognize their own name being called!

Viewers were quick to point out how the pups had different personalities when they walked.

TikTok user @flossiecarpenter commented, “Diva said, ‘Esscuse me it’s my time to shine.'” Diva must have felt the spotlight on her as she was called first. Another user, @w4yn3tr4in, took note of Willow being “so gentle and sweet” as she walked through. Even in the first video showcase, Willow took the gentlest of steps.

Photo Credit: TikTok/porkypuds

Their distinct personalities shine through even while walking!

TikTok user @bungo.jpg called them “such good puppers” for their listening skills. Another user, @tia_1715, commented, “I’m in love… what beautiful, smart babies! Chilli has my whole heart.”

We can’t really say we have a favorite — all of them have our love!

You can see more of these good dogs on TikTok.

Source: Pet Helpful

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