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Adorable tabby helps bake desserts for her human [Video]



  • Since Honey the cat was adopted, she’s always been curious about the kitchen.
  • She helps her mom make desserts.
  • Her owner publishes dessert recipes every week on Instagram.

Cats enjoy loafing and kneading, but this lovely 2-year-old orange tabby cat actually uses those abilities in the kitchen! On her Instagram account, @princesshoneybelle, Princess Honeybelle, often called Honey, shows her fans how to prepare delectable desserts together with her human.

Honey was adopted when her owner, Nicole Wade, was having a difficult time. Maple, Wade’s freshly adopted kitten, died of panleukopenia barely six days after joining Wade’s family in 2019.

Wade tells Daily Paws: “We were heartbroken. When we went to the shelter to pick up her memorial paw prints, we saw they had a few kittens for adoption. We fell in love with Honey and took her home that day. In honor of Maple, we gave her a name that was just as sweet.”

Honey’s engagement in the kitchen began immediately after she was adopted. When she was 6 months old, she leaped across Wade’s shoulders while she was baking. 

Wade said that the cat was really curious about everything and enjoyed hanging out on the counter and checking all of the items.


The first video displaying Honey’s culinary skills was released later that year when she assisted in the creation of a pretty pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. Wade now publishes dessert recipes every week. So far, she’s shared recipes of little blueberry pie, peanut butter cookies, and berry ice cream.

Wade says she strives to come up with unique recipes that are typically inspired by the seasons, or classic dishes.


Honey helps her human measure, mix, and decorate the treats in each of the cooking videos while she wears a chef’s hat and a huge bow. While many cats despise wearing accessories, Wade claims Honey was trained using positive reinforcement as a kitten and enjoys the attention she gets during photo shoots.

Honey, like any good chef, makes sure to sample the goodies made with cat-friendly ingredients.

The best thing about Honey’s recipe videos, apart from her cute appearance, is that Wade, a self-taught baker, offers all the ingredients and precise step-by-step instructions in the comments so you and your kitty sous-chef can make the treat yourself.


Wade said she and Honey are hard at work on their first cookbook, which they hope to publish this year for cat-loving bakers who prefer to read recipes in print.

The majority of Honey’s recipes are for humans and should not be given to your cat. Some ingredients are healthy for cats, such as plain yogurt, blueberries, and strawberries, but they should only be given in moderation.


Source: Daily Paws