Adorable TikTok Shows Rescue Flight Filled with Puppies [Video]

Adorable TikTok Shows Rescue Flight Filled with Puppies

  • The Alabama Puppy Rescue Flights retrieve puppies from overcrowded shelters every week, to redistribute them to other shelters and help them get adopted.
  • Cassandra Bergeron got to experience one of the rescue flights — which was filled to the brim with puppies!
  • It was certainly a trip to remember, as they saved 27 dogs from euthanization and helped them find their forever families.

Back in July, Cassandra Bergeron was part of an unforgettable trip — a flight filled with puppies.

Photo Credit:TikTok/cassventures

The Alabama Puppy Rescue Flights was prepping to pick up 27 dogs in Alabama.

Cassandra’s friend, who was training to be a pilot, asked her if she wanted to join the flight, and she just had to!

So they accompanied Michael Young, the pilot who spearheaded the flight from Orlando, Florida, to the airport in Enterprise, Alabama. Animal Rescue Relay then organized the pickup for the different dogs that came from various Alabama locales: Gadsden, Monroe, Butler, and Luverne.

For about an hour, they checked each dog’s record and cleaned some of them up. They then gave them a bit of honey to relieve any nausea, then let them run around and play in the hopes that they will be tired and sleeping during the flight back to Florida.

The four humans boarded first. Volunteers then helped load all 27 dogs into the small plane.

Cassandra had the littlest puppies with her in the front passenger seat. She and her friends in the back seats were tasked to make sure the dogs didn’t bother the pilot, which they did not.

But to say that they were covered up in puppies is an understatement! The dogs were simply too excited to be with people.


Rescue flight! All puppies have been adopted 🥰

♬ Good Day – Nappy Roots

The 90-minute flight back to Florida was certainly unforgettable for everyone.

Cassandra shared, “I was in pure bliss. I didn’t want to land. I couldn’t stop smiling the entire time.”

She added that the flight most likely saved the 27 dogs from being put down, especially since some shelters in the southern states have been recently overcrowded. Alabama Puppy Rescue Flights retrieve puppies every week — Michael, the pilot, has helped rescue about 7,000 dogs!

Rescue Flight Filled with Puppies
Photo Credit:TikTok/cassventures

When they arrived in Florida, they were met by volunteers who whisked off the dogs off to different rescues and shelters: A Forever Home Rescue; Abby’s Animal RescueAll Paws on DeckCreengan Canine RescueFlorida Pointer Rescue; Openheart—Rescue Division; and Save a Life Pet Rescue.

Almost all of the dogs they rescued have since been adopted, but these shelters still have available dogs for adoption.

And this 6-month-old big dog in the back is now training to be a police dog!

Rescue Flight Filled with Puppies
Photo Credit:TikTok/cassventures

When Cassandra recently shared her video on TikTok, she didn’t expect it to attract the attention of millions all over the world. Many even asked how they could help out!

She certainly wouldn’t forget that flight.

“There’s no better place than the seat on that plane,” she shared.

Source: Daily Paws

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