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Adventurous Bengal Cat Travels The World



  • Gorgeous Suki is an adventurous Bengal cat — and her owners have photographs to prove it!
  • Martina and Kenny are photographers, moving from place to place around the world because of their line of work.
  • They carried their feline friends to their adventures, wherever the destination may be.

Martina Gutfreund and Kenny Hildebrandt are photographers. Both travel from place to place, most of the time. The couple researched about feline domestic breeds and decided on adventurous ones: Bengal cats. From their research, this particular breed is appropriate for the big adventures on their schedule.

First, feline vaccinations. Then, their expected adventures proceeded as planned. The couple carried her around, wherever their destination. Of course, their moments together are recorded in photographs.

“Suki was the last pick of the litter because she was born with a heavy dose of crazy,” the couple wrote on their website. “We knew immediately that she would be just perfect.”

Martina and Kenny introduced the animal to adventures. Their initial destinations were closer but extended to more locations once the animal adapted to their changing arrangements.

 “Currently, she has visited a total of 13 countries, including Canada (of course!), USA, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Croatia, Belgium, France, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Austria, and Luxembourg,” they added. “It sounds like a pretty impressive list, but she visited most of those countries on a two-month road trip through Europe in 2018.”

1. Suki’s admiration towards the foliage in Czech Republic.

2. Blends in with the landscapes in Moab, Utah.

3. Suki, in awe of the Alps in Switzerland.

4. Her Stroll Outdoors, in Yoho National Park in Canada.

5. Basking in the sun in Vernazza, Italy

6. Jungle explorer in Quintana Roo, Mexico.

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Queen of the jungle ????????

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7. One with nature in Croatia.

8. Close to home in Alberta, Canada.

9. Picture perfect in the Canadian wilderness.

10. Feeling like a fairy-tale princess in Germany.

Now, this is how expeditions should go, on big adventures with a wonderful tour guide!

Source: Inspire More