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After Full Vaccine, Doctor’s Rx to Grandma is Unlimited Hugs to Granddaughter [Video]



  • Evelyn Shaw and her family were in isolation for over a year because of the pandemic.
  • One day, her doctor surprised her with a “little gift.”
  • It was a prescription saying that she can finally hug her family, especially her granddaughter, after taking her vaccines.

Nothing is more therapeutic than the hugs we get from our families and loved ones. That’s why when Evelyn Shaw’s doctor finally gave her a go signal to hug her granddaughter after a year of keeping a safe – but painful – distance, she’s vowed to make up for such long, lost time!

Evelyn, along with the rest of her family was in isolation since the onset of the pandemic to ensure everyone’s safety. The hardest part for her was that she was unable to hug her granddaughter, Ateret Frank.

Although she got quite used to the “new normal” set up amid the pandemic, she couldn’t help but miss her family. Until one day, she got the surprise of her life.

Her daughter, Dr. Laura Shaw Frank, showed up at her doorstep one day, with “a little gift” for her. She honestly said how hesitant she was to let them in, anxious that they might all catch and transmit the deadly virus.

“My granddaughter had completed her COVID protocol but I was not going to let her in, even though I had completed my vaccines,” Evelyn explained to the outlet. “I was stuck in COVID land.”

When she got hold of the gift and read it, she felt kind of liberated and ecstatic. The next thing she knew, she was already hugging Ateret in such an emotional moment.

It was a long embrace, filled with tears and happiness!

Evelyn’s daughter Jessica Shaw was able to capture the magical moment, posted it on Twitter, and has since gone viral.


The post reads: “First hug she’s had in a year. Thank you to all the scientists and doctors who made this happen!”

According to Evelyn, had it not been the “transcription” from her doctor allowing her to be near her family, she would not have the confidence to do so, out of absolute fear for their lives. She said she was grateful that it helped her transition from utter fear to “a better place of hope and possibilities and more hugs and kisses.”

Ateret, on her part, said she was scared as well to hug her grandma, but subsequently “felt incredible.”

“Even though I have my shots, it’s still, as my grandmother said, it feels weird,” Ateret said. “Having that prescription in my hand, it felt like a permission slip to be able to hug my grandmother and once I did it, it felt natural. It felt like a relief and I immediately started crying.”