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After Losing 8 People To COVID-19, Woman Sets Up Tables Full Of Goodies To Help Others In Need



  • Shana had lost a total of 8 people close to her heart because of the coronavirus.
  • But she chose to not get defeated by depression and instead focused on helping others.
  • So she sets up tables outside her home with foods and items for struggling people who can stop by and grab them for free.

Shana Jones, 42, from St. Louis, Missouri has been receiving bad news nonstop during the week of her birthday on March 25.

She received unfortunate news about multiple relatives’ passing—her aunt, her uncle, and four of her cousins. After that, as fate is not done yet, a close friend of their family died and a church member who she considered as a second mother also passed away.

She was totally devastated! A total of eight people close to her heart had died due to the novel coronavirus. 

Photo Credit: Shana Jones

“I cried and I felt weak,” Shana told CNN. “It just became so overwhelming that I became numb.”

But she knew she needed to not let depression defeat her, so she focused all her energy to help others—and she believes that was what those lovely people she’d lost would have wanted her to do.

So then Shana started her labor of love. From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m everyday, she sets up two tables outside filled with foods and other items like fresh fruits, cereals, canned goods, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, and more, which people in need could grab for free.

Since then, many people have stopped by to grab the items they need.

“I’m seeing people from all over St. Louis, not just in my neighborhood, stopping by the house,” Shana said.

Photo Credit: Shana Jones

At first, Shana was using her own money and it was hard because she, too, is unable to work because she’s a high risk. 

“I’m an inspector at a company called Production Castings,” Shana said. “But I can’t work right now because I have lupus.”

Photo Credit: Shana Jones

But after the news of her kindness spread around, her community started donating items on the table.

Shana admitted there are mornings she felt like it’s hard to do but the thank-you notes she received kept her going.


“Every time I get a note,” Jones said, “I feel that the angel of one of my family members or friends is saying, ‘Well done.’”

Source: CNN