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Aloof Outdoor Cat Forms Special Bond with Foster Kitten [Video]



  • Pickles is a semi-feral outdoor cat who prefers the porch and only comes inside for food.
  • He’s normally aloof around others, but he quickly warmed up to a foster kitten named Garfield.
  • Pickles made sure to watch over the kitten during his health scares, and happily snuggled with him after his treatment.

Meet Captain Pickles, a semi-feral outdoor cat. He was already neutered and ear-tipped when Megyn Scott-Hintz adopted him over nine years ago, so she knew that he had been part of a cat colony during his early years.

Photo Credit: Facebook/kittenkonnoisseur

Megyn tried her best to help Pickles adjust to a comfy indoor life, but she realized that being a house cat did not make him happy. When indoors, Pickles would go into hiding and never come out.

It was only when he got to spend a lot of time on their porch that he became much happier. The outdoor cat only came indoors for food — but an encounter with another feline would soon make a surprising change in his behavior.

Garfield, a 5-week-old stray, was dropped off at Megyn’s local animal hospital after being found alone outside. Megyn decided to foster the sickly kitten, who was skin and bones, and covered in fleas and ear mites.

Photo Credit: Instagram/kittenkonnoisseur

Megyn was surprised that the kitten was very social and laid-back, compared to most outdoor kittens who are usually feral and hissy.

It was this easygoing nature that led him to a new friend.

One night, Pickles came in for food and spotted Garfield. When the senior cat laid down on the couch, the kitten came up to him. All it took was a few sniffs and they were instantly friends.


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Megyn was surprised by Pickles’ behavior toward Garfield.

The outdoor cat rarely wanted to come inside, but after meeting Garfield, he made it a point to come inside and hang out with the kitten.

Aloof Outdoor Cat Forms Special Bond with Foster Kitten
Photo Credit: Instagram/kittenkonnoisseur

When Garfield had to spend a few days at the emergency vet, Pickles was the first to welcome him back.

Megyn shared, “As soon as he came back, Pickles groomed him amazingly. He was like, ‘You have to get clean. You’re disgusting.’”

Pickles continued to be fiercely protective of Garfield, as if he knew that the kitten was struggling with his health issues.

Aloof Outdoor Cat Forms Special Bond with Foster Kitten
Photo Credit: Facebook/kittenkonnoisseur

Now that Garfield is finally on the mend, Pickles has dropped his protective stance.

He still loves being near the kitten all the time, but has become “more relaxed about the situation.”

Aloof Outdoor Cat Forms Special Bond with Foster Kitten
Photo Credit: Facebook/kittenkonnoisseur

Garfield has even started returning the favor by grooming Pickles!

Megyn hopes that the two will continue to help each other. Hopefully, Pickles can continue spending time indoors “to teach Garfield how to be a proper cat,” and Garfield can fully recover so he can find his forever home.

You can check updates on the cat duo’s progress on InstagramFacebook, and TikTok. You can also donate to the Critical Kitten Care Fund to help other strays like Garfield.

Source: The Dodo