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Alpaca With Amputated Leg Fitted With Customized Prosthetic So He Can Live His Best Life



  • A six-week-old Alpaca named Cinco injured his leg severely while playing at the Blowing Oaks Ranch in Batesville, Arkansas.
  • The leg had to be amputated and farmer John Barnett and his wife Caren had him fitted with prosthetics.
  • Cinco now wears the prosthetics that would adjust to the still-growing alpaca.

Born on the 5th of May or Cinco de Mayo, an alpaca was named Cinco.  He was a regular male baby alpaca that loved playing.  But too much play led to a broken leg which worried farmer John Barnett.

Posted by Blowing Oaks Ranch on Thursday, 11 August 2022

John thought that Cinco must have still used his broken limb for running which caused it to be severely damaged.  He had to make the difficult decision to have it amputated but not before requesting the vet to take the limb below the shoulder.  He thought that this way, a prosthesis could still be fitted for the young alpaca.

Photo Credit: Blowing Oaks Ranch (Facebook)

They have heard of prosthetics for dogs and horses but alpacas, not yet.  But John’s wife, Caren Barnett, works as a physical therapist and director of an outpatient rehab facility in Batesville. She called on their prosthetic and orthotic lab next door for assistance and a certified prosthetist gave it a go.

After several fittings, the result was an adjustable custom-made socket that would grow with a very young Cinco. 

Photo Credit: Blowing Oaks Ranch (Facebook)

The alpaca can now go on living his best life being judged for the quality of his fiber and not his leg. He can also still be used for breeding.  The Blowing Oaks Ranch will provide him with all the care that he needs to grow as normal as possible.

Photo Credit: Blowing Oaks Ranch (Facebook)

Caren said, “Most importantly, we will do everything to make Cinco as comfortable and happy as we can and help him live out as normal a life as is possible. She added, “I have to admit to spoiling him with extra treats and kisses. He is a super-sweet alpaca and our farm favorite for sure.”

We wish you all the best, Cinco!

Source: Inspire More