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Amazing Transformation: Barber Gives Homeless Man His First Haircut In 7 Years [Video]



  • Anil Cakmak is a barber in Turkey who gave a homeless man named Hayri a professional haircut and massage.
  • Hayri at first rejected the proposal for the transformation but changed his mind and Anil trimmed and styled his hair.
  • Hayri came out of the salon refreshed, clean, feeling better, and more loved.

For some, a haircut is a routine activity every month or two. Having a professional do your haircut and give you a massage after, brings on happy and clean vibes.

Barber Anil Cakmak of Istanbul, Turkey knows how his clients feel every time they come in for that needed haircut, shave and massage at the ChuckMuck salon where he works. And they aim to please.  

Anil even shows the transformations that he has seen on YouTube.

For some time now, a homeless man named Hayri has been coming to their shop to ask for hot tea or coffee, even water.  One day, he had a proposal for Hayri. He was going to treat Hayri to the works for free and so they searched for him throughout the city.

And when they saw him, Anil wrote on YouTube, “I asked and explained my idea about a transformation, haircut, barber treatment, and new clothes, but he rejected my offer.” Anil was disappointed but “Suddenly, the day after, he came and seemed for me he was OK for it.”

Photo Credit: Facebook

And the transformation began. Hayri’s hair had snarls and knots from all the grime from having lived on the streets without a haircut. Hayri cannot even recall when he had a professional cut from a salon.  It was too alien for him now.

But Anil snipped and styled Hayri’s hair and when it was done, Hayri felt cleaner, better and more loved!  From unkempt and greasy, he was transformed into this well-groomed and fresh-looking gentleman!

Photo Credit: Facebook

For Anil, the transformation only shows the respect and dignity that he wants Hayri to feel.  And take note: Whatever the YouTube video earns, will go to Hayri 100%.

It is small acts of kindness like this that renew hope for mankind amid the negativity.

Well done, Anil!


Source: Inspire More