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American Bully Gets Her Own Kitten [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • Remy, a pocket American bully, has charmed the internet with her heartwarming bond with her American shorthair kitten sibling.
  • The video showcasing their adorable interactions has garnered 1.8 million views on TikTok, delighting animal lovers worldwide.
  • Contrary to the stereotype of dogs and cats as enemies, more pets are cohabiting peacefully, often sleeping and playing together, according to a PLOS One study.

There’s something incredibly heartwarming about the bond between different animal species, especially when it involves a pocket American bully and her very own American shorthair kitten.

This precious pairing recently took the internet by storm, garnering 1.8 million views on TikTok and melting hearts along the way.

Remy is one half of the Cognac Bullies duo featured on TikTok, and she’s absolutely smitten with her new kitten sibling.

“So we got Remy her own baby, and she won’t leave his side, she’s in love,” the caption reads on the viral video.

The footage shows Remy interacting with the tiny feline in several adorable scenarios, from cuddles to playful antics, defying the stereotype that dogs and cats are “mortal enemies.”

A study published in the peer-reviewed journal PLOS One in August 2020 shows that more canines and felines are cohabiting peacefully, often sleeping and playing together.


Though they “speak different languages,” as the study says, dogs and cats often show a relaxed response to each other, indicating an understanding of each other’s body language.

The TikTok video of Remy and her kitten sibling is an enchanting demonstration of this interspecies camaraderie.

Remy is seen watching the kitten groom himself, resting her head beside him on a cat tree, and even licking the top of the cat’s head with affectionate licks.

In a delightful finale, Remy’s tail wags enthusiastically as they relax next to each other, further emphasizing their bond.

TikTok users couldn’t help but express their adoration for this charming duo. One user wrote, “nothing cuter than a big dog and tiny kitten together,” while another remarked, “Her face when she is looking at the kitten on the cat tree.”

Other comments echoed similar sentiments, with remarks like “My heart” and “precious.”


Remy’s beautiful bond with her kitten sibling has warmed hearts and is a testament to the incredible bond that can exist between different animal species.