Armless Mom Not Letting Her Disability Hold Her Back To Take Care Of Daughter

  • Being born without her upper limbs has not stopped Sarah Talbi from living her life to the best that she could.
  • When she had a daughter, Sarah began sharing on social media their everyday lives and showing how they perform everyday tasks.
  • Sarah Talbi’s social media accounts show her perspective which opened up a different view for others in terms of beating the odds.

Sarah Talbi of Brussels, Belgium was born without arms. The doctors were not able to explain why she had no upper limbs and it has not stopped her from living her life as she learned how to— with her feet.  She taught herself to play, dress, and even write using her lower limbs when she was still a toddler. 

Growing up, she did not consider herself different from others.  For her, some had upper limbs, and some had none.

Photo Credit: @saritalbi (Instagram)

Through the years, she has come to terms with her physical condition and performs chores like cooking, brushing her hair and teeth, cleaning the house, and now, taking care of her daughter, just like anyone.

But tending to her daughter on her own has made her realize that there are manual duties that she simply cannot do solo.  And so, Sarah turned to social media to share their mother and daughter’s life.

Photo Credit: @saritalbi (Instagram)

She said, “I began to document my journey as I was frustrated to need some help to take care of my baby. So, I decided to make those moments a creative moment.”

Everyday tasks like washing dishes and putting on makeup, among others, have become tools for other people to be acquainted with and learn from. Sarah explained, “I can do anything with my feet as long as I don’t have shoes on.” She added, “I put my make-up on, dress, cook, shower, look after Lilia, I can do everything I want.”

Photo Credit: @saritalbi (Instagram)

She just considers the tasks as challenges that any mom would have, with or without physical condition.  It comes with loving a child and being responsible for their being.

From the time that she accepted that she had limitations, she also recognized that this freed her from being too hard on herself.  It also paved the way for her to understand and enjoy the complexities of being a parent.

Photo Credit: @saritalbi (Instagram)

She considers becoming a mum to Lilia her greatest achievement.  Sarah said, “It’s my best achievement … But my disability had to adapt to having a baby. Now I have two years of experience and I can do everything with my daughter. She holds me by my sleeve when we walk along the street. It’s unbelievable, she’s holding it like a hand.”

Sarah’s ability to adapt to her condition and her different perspective on how to face challenges, has enabled her to push others to hurdle their challenges, too.  It also served as inspiration for others to achieve their best despite obstacles. Thank you, Sarah!

Source: Inspire More

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