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Artist Draws Bible Stories On Pavement Outside His Home To Give Hope And Inspiration To People [Video]



  • With the coronavirus forcing people to stay home, Greg wants to bring hope and inspiration to people during Easter.
  • So he decided to draw a sequence of Bible stories using colored chalks on the pavement outside his home that depicts the last days of Jesus’ life on earth.
  • It was truly inspiring and many people admire his work of love!

Greg Rogers, a businessman and father of two from Dallas, Texas, is not an artist at all, but he has his unique ways of telling the story of the Bible to celebrate Easter.

He spent two days using different colored chalks to intricately draw a series of images on the pavement outside his house depicting Jesus Christ’s last days in life.

As the novel coronavirus forced the whole community in quarantine and forbids gatherings as such that normally happens during Easter church services, Greg wanted to bring the tradition home and decided to draw on the pavement to inspire the neighborhood and give them home through the stories straight from the Bible.

It took him 12 hours to finish and people are amazed at how detailed it was even when Greg was actually just a novice. Many of his neighbors admired his labor of love and even took pictures so they could share it with other people. “It’s like reading the Bible in pictures,” one neighbor commented.

Photo Credit: Amanda Mowrey Rogers

“Since they can’t go to church they’re viewing this as their church,” Greg said. He also mentioned it was his way of encouraging solidarity among his people and uniting them in one mind. He even talks with them and sits outside playing guitar while they ogle at his work.

Photo Credit: Amanda Mowrey Rogers

Amanda Rogers, his wife, posted photos of his drawings on Facebook and it quickly went viral. “In celebration of Easter, our sidewalk is showing the last week of Christ!” she wrote on the post. “In order: The Triumphal Entry, Jesus in the Garden, The Last Supper, Pilate’s Choice of Barabbas and Peter’s Denial of Christ, Golgotha, and the Tomb as Jesus walked out.”

Photo Credit: Amanda Mowrey Rogers

Truly amazing! Greg is blessed with a unique gift to unite people and bring hope in times when the world needs it the most! 

Source: Inspire More