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Australian Family Comes to the Rescue of Stranded Koala



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Quick Smiles:

  • Owens family rescued a stranded koala from a river near Australia’s Wivenhoe Dam using a kayak.
  • The koala, trusting its rescuer, reached out to the kayak and navigated the ride back to safety.
  • The rescue story was shared by Amanda Owens as a reminder of the importance of preserving endangered wildlife, particularly the koala population.

When Amanda Owens and her family set out for a recreational day near Australia’s Wivenhoe Dam, they hardly expected to turn into wildlife saviors.

As they relaxed near the river, Owens’ husband spotted a small gray figure marooned amidst a patch of reeds in the riverbed.

Upon closer inspection, their hearts sank as they identified the figure: a little koala, stranded by the rising tide, with no route to dry land.

The Owens knew immediately what had to be done. “We immediately stopped everything to rescue the little guy,” Owens shared with The Dodo.

They hurriedly fetched a kayak from their nearby home, and Owens’ husband swiftly paddled out to aid the distressed animal.

In a remarkable show of trust, the stranded koala grasped the opportunity for rescue, literally.

“[He] actually reached out to grab the kayak, which made [my husband’s] job much easier,” Owens recounted.


Secured at the front of the vessel, the furry adventurer began his journey back to safety, his ride watched with awe by the Owens family from the shoreline.

Captured in photos and shared by Care4esk on Facebook, the rescue was described as “one of the most beautiful moments ever captured in a photograph”.

The post read, “This fortunate little Koala allowed human intervention, and not only trusted this remarkable person, but almost seemed to enjoy navigating their path back to safety.”

Once back on dry land, the relieved koala scampered up the hill and into the comforting familiarity of the gumtrees he calls home, leaving behind a family filled with the satisfaction of a rescue mission accomplished.


For Owens, the encounter wasn’t just a rescue story but a lesson to share.

The incident has since been a reminder of the pressing need to protect the unique wildlife that grace our planet.

“These little guys are now endangered,” Owens pointed out.

“It’s bloody devastating to imagine the world without them.”