Baby girl learns sign language from her deaf dad [Video]

  • Madison Lotane has started learning the American Sign Language at less than one year old.
  • Her dad, Zach, is deaf and communicates only in ASL.
  • Her parents want Madi to learn to accept people as they are and be open to diversity — and for them, learning ASL is one beautiful way to do it.

At a very young age, Madison Lotane has started learning to be bilingual: spoken English and American Sign Language. And it’s because of her deaf dad, Zach Lotane, who communicates in ASL.

Photo Credit: oursignedworld/Instagram

Before Madi even spoke her first word, she has already expressed most of her needs to her parents Zach and Courtney, who have been teaching her ASL since birth.

So far, the little girl has learned over 20 words in sign language, and she’s really learning spoken English and ASL fast!

This is something the parents want for their little Madi — for her to be open to all kinds of people and welcome them with arms wide open.

Photo Credit: oursignedworld/Instagram

“I enjoy reading books with her, watching her sign, feeding her. I love watching her grow,” the Zach shared, who also said that he adores being her dad.

Zach and Courtney wanted to spread their message of acceptance and diversity to the world. On their social media accounts, they’ve been sharing videos of their daily life, their time teaching Madi how to sign, and the other wonderful things they do as a family.


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“Really, our social media has inspired so many people to learn sign language,” Zach said. “They’ve taken an ASL class in their high school or community college or university, and then also, we’ve provided resources and support for hearing parents who have deaf children or deaf babies.”

Their videos of Madi on TikTok, discovering the world around her, are such an encouragement to their more than two million followers. The couple wished that parents who have deaf children will be inspired to dream big for their kids.


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“My dream and hopes for Madison really is that she’ll be able to be successful in whatever she wants to do in life,” Zach said. “And that we’re able to give her all the tools to support her in her growth, and that she’ll have exposure to diversity, to different people. That she’ll be able to travel the world. I want her to be able to connect with different types of people, and also to accept herself.”

Madi is not even a year old yet, but she’s already opening herself to love people and accept diversity, not to mention that she’s doing it oh so adorably!

Source: Inspire More

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