“Backpacking Kitty” enjoys the outdoors together with his dad

  • Simon is a six-year-old Bombay cat.
  • Together with his dad, Simon goes on adventures around the U.S.
  • Simon is called the “Backpacking Kitty” on Instagram.

Simon, a Bombay cat who is almost six years old, enjoys a lot of activities such as hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, biking, sailing, skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and even swimming.

JJ Yosh (@JJYOSH on Instagram), a social media personality and explorer, adopted the 10-pound black cat when it was just a few weeks old in 2016. Yosh began taking kitten Simon on walks and outdoor activities as soon as he brought him home.

JJYosh Media Team

Yosh intended to teach Simon as an adventure cat so that the feline could safely explore the outdoors.

He said, “If you want to have an outdoor cat here, you’re really chancing it in terms of like how long they’re going to survive. There’s so many chances for them to get eaten or attacked.”Yosh intended to teach Simon to become聽an adventure cat so that he could safely experience the outdoors.

Taking his cat on adventures was the best option for Yosh to protect Simon from predators, and it also turned out to be a terrific opportunity for him to bond with his pet.

JJYosh Media Team

Yosh takes Simon on his shoulders when the cat becomes exhausted. He says  it’s Simon’s favorite spot, and it’s what earned him the nickname the  “Backpacking Kitty.”

They go rock climbing in Breckenridge, rafting in Durango, and kayaking at Brainard Lake.


They’ve also gone sailing on Clinton Lake in Kansas, white water rafting on the Sacramento River near Lake Tahoe, camping and climbing in Death Valley National Park canyons, and road-tripping from Boulder to the Florida Keys, where they lounged on the beach and kayaked together.

Yosh’s Instagram account, @backpackingkitty, documents his experiences with Simon from California to Nebraska.


Yosh and Simon are also close when they’re indoors, and they often eat together.         

Simon has an array of skills, including high fives, handshakes, kisses, and embraces, in addition to his athletic abilities.

“In a lot of ways, he does feel like my kid,” Yosh says. “He is my soulmate and my guardian angel.”

Source: People

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