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Ball-loving dog was excited to see the moon for the first time [Video]



  • Marquette is a ball-loving golden retriever who adores balls of all sizes.
  • One evening, she spotted an unmoving ball of light in the sky — and wanted to catch it!
  • Alas, she realized that the moon was out of her reach, but that doesn’t stop her from gazing up longingly at it every night.

Meet Marquette, a sweet and playful golden retriever who loves nothing more than playing with a ball or two.

Ball-loving dog
Photo Credit: Instagram/marquettethegolden

Recently, Marquette couldn’t hide her excitement when she spotted another ball — a different, larger one that was sadly out of her reach.

The pup was taking an evening walk with her mom, Gretchen Bach, when she spotted the glowing ball in the sky.

Gretchen shared, “Marquette stopped in her tracks and started staring up at the sky. Originally, I thought she might be looking at a bird. But then realized she saw the moon.”

“First time I saw the moon,” the caption read.

Gretchen was surprised that the pup spotted the moon. She thinks that Marquette may have wondered why there was an unmoving ball of light in the sky.

“Perhaps she did think it was a ball,” she added. “She chased it for probably 30 seconds.”

Marquette was more than ready to fetch it, but sadly, it was too far for her to catch.

Ball-loving dog
Photo Credit: Instagram/marquettethegolden

Marquette may not have caught the moon, but she’s not ready to give up.

That same night, the eager pup curiously gazed into the sky and watched the moon — perhaps devising her next plan to reach it.

In the meantime, she will have to make do with her regular set of balls. Her mom remains “proud of her” no matter which ball she catches, anyway.


You can see more of this ball-loving golden retriever on Instagram and TikTok.

Source: The Dodo