Bar has dedicated ‘dog wall’ showcasing every lovely visitor

  • The Mad Ox bar in the U.K. is a dog-friendly bar that has a dedicated “dog wall” for every good boy and girl who visits them.
  • The dog wall features photos of their adorable canine customers.
  • The bar also provides dog-friendly spaces and offers dog treats such as Puppuccinos for free.

Dogs are very much welcome at The Mad Ox bar. In fact, every canine visitor is featured in their lovely “dog wall,” which has a quickly growing list of adorable doggos.

Bar has dedicated 'dog wall' showcasing every lovely visitor
Photo Credit: The Mad Ox

The bar owners’ daughter, Paris Jeffrey, said that her mother suggested it.

“We just absolutely love dogs and wanted to make something special to set us apart from every other bar,” she added.

So, they made sure to create a dog-friendly space, complete with toys and delicious treats.

The restaurant allows dogs anywhere in the space — that includes the upstairs, downstairs, the garden, and the bar itself.

Photo Credit: The Mad Ox

In addition to a huge tub filled with every dog’s favorite things, they also offer ‘Puppuccinos’ for free!

Photo Credit: The Mad Ox

The bar in Pontefract, West Yorkshire, U.K, has only been open for a few weeks but they have already seen huge success.

Photo Credit: The Mad Ox

Their dog wall, which showcases every canine customer, has attracted lots of pet parents. Paris shared that some customers visit “just to get their dog on the wall.”

“Lots of people like to have their dogs with them everywhere (including us), so we thought, ‘Why wouldn’t we make the bar dog-friendly?’” she added.

So far, the dog wall is getting filled with more and more photos of the customer’s lovable pups. And the biggest photo by far is a drawn portrait of Freddie, the family’s English bulldog.

Bar has dedicated 'dog wall' showcasing every lovely visitor
Photo Credit: The Mad Ox

You can check out more of The Mad Ox’s offerings on Instagram and pup photos on Facebook.

Source: The Dodo

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