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“Bestest Girl Ever”: Adorable Dog Report Card From Daycare Melts Hearts



Quick Smiles:

  • Jennifer Gregory shared a heartwarming report card her dog Olive received from daycare.
  • Olive, an ex-racing dog, enjoys the social environment at daycare, where she has been dubbed the “most bestest girl ever.”
  • Social media users were charmed by the report card, likening it to a sweet school report and joking about Olive needing a bigger backpack to carry her praises.

When Pennsylvania resident Jennifer Gregory sent her beloved dog Olive to Peninsula Pups daycare, she was simply hoping for a content pooch at the end of the day.

What she didn’t anticipate was the surge of joy that would accompany Olive’s return, in the form of a paw-sitively adorable report card!


a sweet gesture from Olive’s friends at @Peninsula Pups Doggie Daycare #greyhound #greyhoundsoftiktok #adoptagreyhound #dogbackpack #dogdaycare ♬ L-O-V-E – Nat King Cole

The trending video on social media shows Gregory unveiling the report card. As a previous racing dog who found a happy home four years ago, Olive now relishes naps, peanut butter, and attention.

With such an impressive background, it was no surprise to Gregory that Olive earned the title of the “most bestest girl ever” at her daycare.

Doggy daycare has been booming, especially in the U.S., and Peninsula Pups is clearly going the extra mile to ensure that their furry charges’ humans feel engaged.

It’s the little details, like Olive’s “wiggle butt for wiggle butt Wednesday” and her accolade of being a “very good listener,” that fill the heart with joy.


Olive’s report card did point out her lack of initiative in P.E., but we think it’s perfectly excusable.

After all, who can blame a pooch for preferring a good snooze over exercise?

Gregory’s appreciation for this unexpected token of kindness was echoed across the internet, with viewers chiming in to express their delight.

One user quipped, “This is the sweetest thing ever. I’m with her on the P.E.”

Another commented, “Love this. So cute. Like getting a school report.”

And considering Olive’s abundance of commendations, a third user humorously pointed out that Olive might need a “bigger backpack.”

In the end, it’s clear that the ex-racer turned cuddle enthusiast has won not just a glowing report card, but also countless hearts!