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Beyond Job Description: USPS mail carrier saves an elderly’s life [Video]



  • Shonda Lemon works as a postal service crew in Chicago. Along her route, she made friends with 89-year-old Helen Iwanski, whose life she has saved!
  • When Shonda noticed that Helen has not picked up her mail for several days, she called the police for help.
  • The police found Helen lying on the floor unable to move, brought her to the hospital, and is now recovering.

It’s not every day that one gets to be a hero.

When a USPS mail carrier noticed that one of her regular customers had not picked up her mail in three days, she knew something wasn’t right.

Thirty-four-year-old Shonda Lemon works as a postal service crew in Chicago. In the past four years, she had made friends with 89-year-old Helen Iwanski.

Photo Credit: Stephanie Weaver/Fox13

To Shonda, Helen isn’t just a customer, but a special friend. Every day they would exchange sweet talks, and Shonda will always go the extra mile in handling Helen’s mail. Considering her age, Shonda knew she had to help Helen in one way or another.

Usually, Shonda would wrap Helen’s mail in a rubber band to make it easier for her to grip all of her mails.

Shonda knew that Helen lives by herself, doesn’t have kids, and doesn’t travel. So, when Shonda realized that Helen has not been picking up her mails for several days, and there could not be any reason why she wouldn’t, she acted by her gut and immediately called the police.

Photo Credit: Stephanie Weaver/Fox13

“Those factors alone are what triggered me to know that there was something wrong,” Shonda worriedly said.

True enough, Shonda’s instincts served her right when the police came and found Helen’s body on the floor. It turned out that she’d fallen off, and couldn’t get up and ask for help.

Shonda said she began to cry when a police officer called her up to say they found Helen, and she was still alive.


“I began to cry, because it was a rejoicing moment for me, knowing that I had assisted her in sparing her life,” she said. “And you know it was just the pain and thought of what she may have been going through for those three days on the floor.”

Helen had to spend days in the hospital and a rehabilitation center for her full recovery. Her family was just so grateful that Shonda cared about Helen, thus saving a life!

“My aunt sends her love and appreciation to Shonda for being there for her. She said she will be forever grateful for Shonda caring enough to call the police,” said Mary Mason, Helen’s niece.

In a statement, Shonda said that she would not hesitate to do it to anyone who needs help. Her job does not just end in delivering mails to her customers.

“This is more than a job for me. It’s more of a community,” Shonda said. “At the end of the day, we’re a village, and we need each other to look out for one another.”

Source: Inspire More