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Big Brother Surprised Sibling With A Savings Account From His Rent Payments So He Could Buy His Own Home



  • Todd struggled financially when he was starting life after graduating from college.
  • He doesn’t want his younger brother, Alex, to experience the same so he secretly made a savings account for him and deposited all his brother’s rent payment there.
  • When Alex decided to buy his own home, he was surprised by his family with a large sum of money he never would’ve thought he had.

After graduating college in 2011, Todd Burkemper has been working hard building his career at Buildium as an app designer and senior software developer. While he is moving forward in a fast lane toward his goals in life, he never forgets to look back and take care of his younger brother.

Two years after graduation, he had a house built in Wentzville, Missouri. He was so determined to succeed despite the tight finances while paying for the student loan debt, the house, and a car.

Alex on the other hand is six years younger and they both are not just brothers but also best friends. In 2017, Alex graduated from college and went to live with Todd in his home 30 miles away from St. Louis.

In the first six months, Alex was living rent free. After that, Todd decided to charge him of rent but without him knowing, his older brother was actually depositing his rent to his savings account. 

Photo Credit: Barbara Burkemper

On top of that, Todd also adds a little from his own pocket hoping that one day, it would help Alex once he decides to buy a home for himself — which soon enough happened while amidst the pandemic.

On May 26, he has found a home which accepted his offer and so his family, including his parents who have been silent about the secret, gathered to see his reaction once Todd spills out his surprise.

Photo Credit: Barbara Burkemper

“Although Alex was puzzled when he saw me with my camera out, he was even more confused, then completely shocked, when Todd held up a screen shot of the savings account balance on his phone,” Barbara Burkemper, their mom, told GNN. “Then, he told Alex the money was his!”

Todd doesn’t want his younger brother to experience the same struggles he had when he was starting.

Photo Credit: Barbara Burkemper

“After posting this story on my Facebook page that evening, and reading all of the heartwarming responses, I felt compelled to share this story of brotherly love with a wider audience,” Barbara wrote in an email.

“The generosity shown by Todd is just one of many amazing facets of his character. We are so very humbled by the awesome human being he has grown into,” she said.

Source: Good News Network