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Black And White Kids From The Viral Hugging Video Modelled For A Fashion Brand That Advocates Antiracism



  • The two kids who went viral in a video of them hugging are now featured in a fashion campaign that advocates for antiracism.
  • What is special about them is that Maxwell is Black while Finnegan is White, and yet both of them are best pals and their hug warmed millions of hearts all over the world. 
  • The company BOY MEETS GIRL featured the boys wearing different merch like shirts and sweaters printed with images from their touching hug moment.

Last year, a video of two best friends hugging had warmed millions of hearts all over the world and it went viral immediately. Now, they are being featured in a fashion campaign to raise funds for a cause. 

Maxwell Hanson and Finnegan McKenna became quite a sensation on the internet after the footage of them was captured as they ran towards each other for a hug. It happened in September and it was a very touching moment to look back now especially with the current strife on racial equality as promoted by the movement Black Lives Matter.

Maxwell is Black while Finnegan is White, and yes both of them are best pals modelling for the athleisure brand BOY MEETS GIRL advocating for antiracism. 

The boys modelled different merch like shirts and sweaters with their viral hug printed on them. With this, the From Privilege to Progress’s National Movement will benefit from the proceeds. The foundation was founded by two women who back in 2018, filmed a video of Black men being arrested unjustly at Starbucks. Their goal is focused on  “desegregating the conversation about race and racism.”

“These items were created to help work toward the brighter future that the video inspired, where racial justice is a realized goal,”  BOY MEETS GIRL to PEOPLE in a statement. “Too many people have suffered the terrible consequences of living in a racist society. The time is now to shoulder the responsibility and to join the fight for racial justice.”

Finnegan’s mother, Erica McKenna, the company’s initiative “reminds us all that we must continue to fight for social justice in every area of our lives.”

Photo Credit: BOY MEETS GIRL

“Every time we speak up, there is a chance to make a difference. We hope that this shirt encourages unity among people of all races, and for those of us who are privileged, it should also serve as a call and reminder to speak up against racism, in all of its forms,” she said.

 Maxwell’s father, Michael Cisneros, said: “We collaborated with BOY MEETS GIRL to create these t-shirts to help stand up to racism. We will do all we can to make a safer future for our child, and yours.”

Source: PEOPLE.Com