Blind dog can tell when they’re headed to her favorite place [Video]

Blind dog can tell when they're headed to her favorite place

  • Kida, a fluffy white Great Pyrenees, loves going to the park so much.
  • She may have lost her eyes, but she is living her best life — and has many dog friends!
  • The park has become her favorite place so much that she knows the instant they’re headed there while on the car.

Meet Kida. The fluffy white Great Pyrenees was given up by her previous owners, but it led her to her forever family, animal lover Allison Miller. Thanks to her new mom, she’s living a full life where she gets to enjoy all her activities, like going to her favorite place.

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Kida’s previous owners got her as a guard dog for their chickens, but they gave her up when she would chase and eat them instead. Allison, who works with rescue shelters, says that it is a common reason for Great Pyrenees owners who rehome or abandon them.

“They are often expected to already immediately know how to guard,” Allison explained. “When in reality it often takes a lot of training to get them to that point!”

At her new home, Kida is no longer expected to guard. Instead, she found a new activity. She loves going to her favorite place: the park!

While a rare autoimmune disease led to her getting her eyes removed through surgery, the treatment removed the pain she was feeling and made her feel a lot better.

Blind dog can tell when they're headed to her favorite place
Photo Credit: Instagram

Now, whenever they visit the park, they go just outside the premises to protect her from other dogs’ reactions. Thankfully, she’s not alone. She has made four best friends!

Her friends are all happy to join her where she is. Kida’s mom lends them collars with bells so that Kida can hear where they are. The good dogs don’t mind and simply love playing with Kida!

Blind dog can tell when they're headed to her favorite place
Photo Credit: Instagram

Kida loves being with her friends, so the park has become her favorite place even more.

Simply hearing the words “dog” or “park” fills her with excitement!

She can even tell when they’re headed to the park while they’re on the way. In one video shared by Allison, we can see the moment Kida knew where they were going. The way her nose kept sniffing and her tail kept wagging is so heartwarming.


We used to take her to the dog park all the time before she went blind ???? #greatpyrenees #dog #puppy #foryoupage

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The video has since been viewed over 7 million times.

Allison found it “so crazy that so many people saw the video,” but she’s thankful that more and more people “realize that animals with ‘disabilities’ can still live amazing lives.”

You can follow Kida on TikTok and Instagram.

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Thank you for being such great Fur baby mom! So many would have given Kida away or had her put down! I am so glad you are letting her have a great life !! Love to both of you !!