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Blind Stray Cat That Survived Tough Life Found A Family



  • Old and blind tomcat was rescued from years of living in the streets.
  • He gets to be treated by a vet and adopted by a family of other rescued cats.
  • He now goes by the name of Floyd Mayweather and is best of friends with another senior cat, Sugar Ray Leonard.

Surviving a life on the streets is a tough job.  For animals and humans, years of self-defense can take a toll on the body.  Some are scarred for life.

The feline Floyd Mayweather was trapped by the nonprofit Neighborhood Cats in Jersey City, New Jersey.  At first, the TNR director for the nonprofit Jade Vazquez, thought that there was something wrong with the cat.

First it was leaning on a wall for guidance and next, it cried.

Photo Credit: Melissa Fiore

Vasquez said, “It’s unusual for a feral cat to cry. They don’t like to bring attention to themselves, but if they’re in pain or a bit of distress, they will cry. He actually walked straight into a lamppost and stunned himself.”

When she finally had a closer look that is when she realized that one of the cat’s eye was sunken and both his corneas were badly scarred.  He was essentially blind.

Returning the old and blind cat back to the streets would mean leaving him to die.

Photo Credit: Melissa Fiore

She decided to foster the cat while getting him to a vet for treatment.  She was surprised that despite the cat’s rough life, it was docile. Neighborhood Cats also successfully raised funds for the cat’s care and set him up for adoption.

Paralegal Melissa Fiore was not looking to adopt another cat as she already had three adopted rescue cats from the nonprofit Pet Adoption Network where she volunteers.

Photo Credit: Melissa Fiore

But she adopted the cat and named him Floyd Mayweather. Her battered old tomcat, Sugar Ray Leonard, quickly became best friends with Floyd.

Floyd was still under medical treatment when he came to Melissa and Sugar Ray Leonard would sit near his cage and be concerned.  “He (Sugar Ray) knows when another cat’s not happy, and he’s very in tune with it,” said Melissa.

Photo Credit: Melissa Fiore

From then on, the adorable seniors have been enjoying sunny spots in Melissa’s house together. Floyd has also gained 6 pounds, bonds with Melissa’s other rescued cats, Googles and Lily, and shows his mom he adores her by pressing against her when she works from home on the couch.  He is also the first one to jump on the bed when it is time to sleep.

She said, “He is the friendliest cat in the house. He’s my best friend.”

Source: TODAY