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Boozehound: “Guide” Dog has a Penchant for Pubs [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • Bernardita, a St. Bernard, has a unique habit of leading her owner, Rai Valenzuela, to the local bars of Santiago, Chile.
  • While Rai often plans other activities, Bernardita’s strong-willed nature ensures they often end up at a bar. “She’ll start pulling me there,” Valenzuela mentioned.
  • Apart from their bar visits, the duo enjoys healthy activities, walking around 10 kilometers a day, exploring Santiago’s parks and sidewalks.

When it comes to the joys of having a dog by your side, Rai Valenzuela has a tale that’s both heartwarming and humorous.

Most dogs lead their owners to parks, or perhaps a favorite neighborhood spot.

However, Bernardita, Rai’s beloved St. Bernard, has a different destination in mind: the local bar in Santiago, Chile.

It all started when Rai began taking Bernardita with him on his regular jaunts around the city, including the occasional visit to his favorite watering hole.

As Rai enjoyed his drink, Bernardita relished the attention she received from fellow bar-goers, often sharing a snack with her human.

“She makes me drink!” Valenzuela shared with The Dodo, noting the duo’s increasing frequency of visits to the establishment.

Yet, the real hilarity begins when Rai intends to make trips elsewhere, only for Bernardita to pull him steadfastly back to the bar.


“I’ll be wanting to go shopping [at the store], and she stubbornly leads me to the bar,” Valenzuela said.

And once they’re inside, there’s no changing Bernardita’s mind.

Given her determination, Rai often finds himself indulging in a drink or two, which he hadn’t planned on.

“She’s a ruin to my wallet,” he added.


While Rai is usually content to spend some time at one establishment, Bernardita, it seems, enjoys a change of scenery.

“She likes bar hopping,” Valenzuela shared, describing how his furry friend sometimes pulls him towards another bar once they’ve left the first.

However, despite the pair’s amusing bar escapades, they also ensure a balanced lifestyle.

“We walk about 10 kilometers a day. This is an awesome city, full of parks, nice sidewalks and trees. And cold beers,” Valenzuela highlighted.

Rai and Bernardita make the most of Santiago’s vibrant landscape, with its abundant green spaces and, of course, its pubs.

For Rai, his adventures with Bernardita have turned out to be more than just a regular dog-owner bonding experience.


“Bernardita is the happiest dog on Earth — and the best drinking buddy,” he fondly noted.