Boxer’s Quest To Find Her Newborn Human Sister Has The Internet Hooked

  • A video of a boxer named Lucy looking for her newborn sister is making viewers’ hearts warm.
  • Lucy was begging her mom to show her where her sister was as she could not find her in all the places that she usually was.
  • Lucy’s joy at finding her sister after her mom leads her to the crib has viewers also sighing in relief that she finally found her baby sister.

When a baby grows up with a beloved pet, the bond that is forged is strong and enduring.  It also means a lifetime of love and affection that no other can give.  Short as a pet’s life may be, in that period, a child is assured of a dedicated and loyal friend.

In a video posted by @hayleyhutchison, her pup’s reaction to the absence of her newborn human sister is an indication that the boxer is going to be a great sister to her sibling. Lucy’s concern at not finding her sister where she is supposed to be is proof that the two siblings would have a great relationship hereon after. 

@hayleyhutchison When Lucy couldn’t find her week old baby sister 🥹 #fyp #viral ♬ To Build A Home – The Cinematic Orchestra & Patrick Watson

Lucy just could not stop until she could find her sister.  She looks at the rocker but she is not there.  Even the bed is empty. 

Lucy now begs her mom to take her to where her baby sister could be.  When they reach another room, Lucy thinks that the baby was on the changing table and so she sits to wait.  But she still is not there. Lucy now pleads for mom to show her where her baby sister is.  And that’s when mom leads her to the crib where baby sis was sleeping.

Photo by Meghan Hessler on Unsplash

And commenter @beemabey could not help but write, “the ‘please help me find her’ eyes” are simply heartwrenching. And so, Lucy could not help but wag her tail happily as she gazed at her sister. Her sister is safe! 

But one commenter thought the search would have a different ending. @Kikokikoshadow wrote, “the sad music made me worried the baby was not there anymore…. whew.” Yes, the music was kind of misleading… But we all breathed a sigh of relief when Lucy found her baby sister.

@hayleyhutchison Replying to @SHELLY XX Happy and healthy BFFs. Sorry for the scare everyone! 🤍 #fyp #viral ♬ original sound – Tram Le | Travel & Creative

Now we all wished that we had a boxer as what viewer @baebandsaustralia said, “Boxers are known to be protectors of children.”

But we are pretty sure that it is going to be a lifetime of being best friends with each other between Lucy and her sister.

Source: Pet Helpful

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