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Boy Returns To Scene Of Car Accident To Take First Steps After Two Years



  • Justine was 7 when he got hit by a car and broke his bones.
  • He was told by the doctors he might not walk ever again.
  • But now, two years later, after constant physical therapy and maintaining a positive outlook, Justin took his first steps again in the exact place where he lost before!

What matters most in surviving tragic events in life is attitude.

Justin Welch was only 7-year-old when he got caught into a car accident while he and his brother Ryan were on their way to his friend’s house in St. Ann, Missouri, two years ago.

The little boy was hit by a vehicle that broke the bones in his face and worst, the doctors said he might not be able to walk again.

Photo Credit: WREG

For his mom, Hannah Welch, imagining that her child is in pain was already difficult, but to actually experience a tragedy was “unreal!”

But Justin was such a brave boy and fought hard to survive. He started healing and despite what happened, he remained constantly cheerful and positive about life! His body may have changed but he is still the same boy who is funny and smart.

Occasionally, Hannah would have her “breakdown moments,” but Justin’s attitude reminds her always to not give up.

Photo Credit: WREG

“He’ll just look at me like, ‘Mom, I’m fine. I’m happy. If I don’t walk, I’m fine. Like, I’m still me. I’m still here,’” she said.

Their community rallied behind them to support the young one’s recovery. They raised funds to help them and the police officer who first responded to his accident visited Justin. Surely, the love and support from their neighbors was overwhelming.

Fast forward to now, two years after the incident, the whole community held witnesses as Justin took his first steps again in the place where he once lost it!

Photo Credit: WREG

Justin worked hard for his rehabilitation and has regular physical therapy sessions. Soon enough he regained some feeling in his legs and feet and defied what the doctors had initially told them.

His grandmother asked help from the St. Ann police and fire departments to halt the traffic as Justin, now 9-year-old, walked on his feet again on the corner of Adie Road and Gertrude Avenue — a place that changed his life forever.

Hannah thinks his son’s fast improvements were mainly because of his positive perspective in life plus extra hard work!

“I don’t think we’d be where we are at if it wasn’t for his positive attitude and outlook on life that he has,” she said.

Justin, you are truly inspiring to other kids and adults alike! We are praying for your full recovery.

Source: Inspire More