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Boy With Autism Who Wants To Become A UPS Driver Receives A Gift Straight From The Company



  • Max loves to become a UPS Driver someday. 
  • So he planned to dress up as one for halloween. 
  • What he did not expect though is receiving a gift from them.

Since the lockdowns started in March, Max Finn and his family have been staying at home — working, learning, and spending their extra free time together. 

The 14-year-old boy has autism (or is on the spectrum of) and enjoys routinary activities — like watching out for that UPS delivery every week. 

UPS Driver offers special delivery to Vermont teen

SPECIAL DELIVERY: When UPS Driver Kipp Youngman learned that 14-year-old Max Finn, who has autism, has been dressing up as a UPS driver for Halloween — he surprised him with official gear to complete the costume. Tom Llamas reports.

Posted by ABC World News Tonight with David Muir on Sunday, 1 November 2020

Well, for one thing, he likes anything that is related to a truck, and he has always wanted to be a driver someday. So, it’s easy to understand how he adores a UPS driver named Kipp Youngman. 

Kipp has always been a UPS driver for 28 years now, and he absolutely loves the job! “It’s not even a job. It never has been,” he told WCAX.

Everytime he drives by Max’s home, the boy would run towards his truck to greet him. Although Max seldom shows emotions and doesn’t speak as frequently, it is evident that he adores Kipp, says his mom, Wendy Radcliffe.

Photo Credit: ABC News

Max loves UPS so much, he wanted to dress up as the company’s driver for Halloween — which he always did by the way in the past years’ trick-or-treat. Somehow, Wendy had mentioned it randomly to Kipp during one of his visits, and this sparked an idea! 

Kipp spoke with his supervisors about Max but he found out company rules prohibit the use of their uniform for such purposes especially for nonemployees. What they can do though, is provide give max a gift! 

In the past, Wendy would make Max some knockoff uniform of UPS. This time, Kipp delivers him real UPS stuff, straight from the company, to his biggest fan! 

Photo Credit: ABC News

So one day, he pulled up at the family’s home and handed Max a box filled with UPS swag — gloves, winter hat, vest and the boy’s favorite toy, a UPS truck! 

This came unexpectedly for Max that he gave Kipp the rarest smile and showed emotions as he jumped for joy. He then wrapped Kipp into a big hug! 

“What Kipp has done for me is kind of renew that belief that there are small acts of kindness that people can do that really make a difference,” Wendy said. “His kindness and his thoughtfulness for my son means a lot to me and my family.”

Photo Credit: ABC News

As for Kipp, it was a pleasure to do it for Max. How it made Max extremely happy was more than enough of a payment for him. Max is one of the reasons why people live to give and share blessings to others. 

“Everybody has a purpose. Max has a purpose,” Kipp added. “Everybody has a purpose, and I guess I’m finding out my purpose right now.”

Max on the other hand, looks so snappy in that UPS costume and that smile is absolutely lovely! Thank you Kipp for your thoughtfulness and generosity! May you be blessed more! 

Source: Inspire More